So you are probably wondering where to buy your SARMs? 
You are looking for a company where you are guaranteed that your SARMs are legit. 
You want a company whose SARMs are not too expensive. 
And you want a company where you can receive the best customer service. 
In this article, we will underline below you need to look for when buying SARMs and we will share our number one vendor.

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SARMs for sale: You need to look for these factors

As many of you may know, all the vendors buy their SARMs from China. When you buy from China, you don’t know if you are getting a high-quality product. You don't know if the powder has the right identity and purity. So for any vendor is it critically important to have third party tests available for your ease of mind.

If a vendor does not have third party tests it simply means they have bought the SARMs from abroad, but do not know for sure if they have a high-quality product with the right purity.

It's that simple. If the vendor can't provide you third party tests, you shouldn't buy from them.

SARMs are typically sold as ready-made solutions for your research. But how do you know if the vendor is not underdosing or overdosing their products? 

You don't. That is why a reliable vendor will also provide third party concentration tests. These tests are proof that the label matches the content inside! If the product label states 10mg/ml you want 10mg/ml and not 1mg/ml.

You also want to see a lot of anecdotal reports from other researchers. After all, reviews from fellow researchers are also extremely important. A top vendor will always have a lot of positive reviews with very little or no negative reviews.

You also want reliable customer service that you can rely on to help you out in any situation. What if your product breaks in transit? What if your product doesn't arrive? What is customs takes hold of your product? Will the vendor refund you? Will they reship a new package? Will you be able to contact them and rapidly get a reply? These are all frequently asked questions that require excellent customer service.

Last but not least, shipping times...You don't want to wait ages to receive your product.

Sarms for Sale: Chemyo is our number one source

Well, here it is. 

In our opinion, Chemyo is the absolute number one source. The overwhelming majority of vendors are not even close to Chemyo in terms of quality, customer service and shipping times.

Chemyo has many up to date third party tests displayed on their website. You can view all their tests report here. 

As you can see there are a ton of third-party test and you can view the full testing report data. You can easily see that they test their compounds to see if it has the right identity. They also test their compounds to see if it has the right purity. 

They test their solutions so that customers know that what they buy is what they will get.

Simply looking at this page inspires a lot of confidence in Chemyo and no other vendor can you show similar test reports of this caliber and amount.

Chemyo has a lot of reviews online. If you look for instance on Reddit, here a simple search will tell you how many people are happy with them. Again, no other vendor even comes close.

If you look at those reviews, a lot of people are also very happy with their shipping times. Delivery in the US seems to take approximately 3-4 business days. 

People are also extremely happy with their customer service. Chemyo will either offer a full refund or reship a new package if something is wrong. 

Sarms For Sale: Summary

We think Chemyo is the absolute best vendor when it comes to buying SARMs. It shows from all the factors we mentioned above. 

When you buy SARMs you want to be guaranteed that your research efforts will be rewarded. 

If you do decide to buy from another vendor then keep the following in mind:

Third-party tests for identity, purity and concentration
Many positive reviews from people online and few or no negative reviews
Great customer service
Shipping time

Good luck with your journey to buying SARMs!