Pain. Suffering. Hurt. Loss. Grief. Agony. And giving up.

These words are just a small map of the road to life’s series of unfortunate events. The world we live in today has a population of 7.8 billion people, and life lays its cruelties on everyone. The pain of letting someone or something go, suffering in the hardest of conditions, hurting because of trauma, grieving for losing something close to you, agonized because of pressure, feeling overwhelmed, and giving up because it is all too much to bear. 

But that is just one way to look at life and narrate the story; there is always another way.

Confidence. Bravery. Healing. Victory. Pleasure. Acceptance. And freedom. 
Life may be a series of unfortunate events, and more than often, a person is crushed under the brutal experiences before they even get to see the brighter side of life. However, that is not all there is. Life is more than just a hapless story, and it’s about what the person focuses on seeing. While people might choose to look at the negative aspects of life, there is always a silver lining. Like everything else, these aspects are interconnected, and an individual is presented with two choices; to either run from them or learn from them. And all it takes to choose the latter is a little courage and motivation. 

The world is filled with countless examples of people who led a life of adversities and yet, instead of being dragged down, chose to rise up stronger than ever before such as the host, Oprah Winfrey, the designer, Ralph Lauren, the author, J.K Rowling, and, RnB rising star, Deepak Raj Agrawal. 

Professionally known as BAEGERA, Deepak is a 31-year old star stirring hype in the RnB sphere. Baegera led a life full of hardships, and for a while, he even gave up music. But instead of giving up and letting go, Baegera rose up with strength and is known today for his outstanding music and silvery vocals.

Deepak Raj Agrawal was born on August 11, 1988, in Feltham, a suburb of London. Throughout his childhood, he lived with his parents, who are Indians. The neighborhood was known for the various crime stories, with H.M. Prison Feltham at their doorstep. 

In order to protect him from crime and various wrongdoings, Baegera’s parents moved with him to Allahabad, India, to start over. Baegera spent six years of his life in Western Culture, and moving to a City with no resources was really hard on him. His parents had protected him from crime, but poverty was nerve-racking. Baegera lived most of the time with his grandparents and his aunt, who taught kids at home. 
At the time, electricity and water were always a problem. Remembering the conditions, he says, “There were days when I had to resort to candlelight to read books. Showering with cold water was normal. My father used to pour leftover water from the bucket over my head. Wasting water was not an option.”

When Deepak was ten years old, he returned to the U.K with his family. They were residing in the Borough of Hounslow, close to Heathrow Airport. His mother started working in a catering company, packing food, and his father got a job at British Airways.<