Face masks have become a part of our daily lives and we know better, what suits you, and whatnot. 

Sarpimar is one of the leading quality face mask makers in such an air of pandemic across the globe. According to the Universal Medical, it is important to wear face masks every time as the lockdowns are eased in many parts of the world. Allison Brashear, dean of the UC Davis School of Medicine, shared her concern with an online international audience in early June that despite the ease in the lockdown, people need to understand that the risk of COVID-19 is not over yet. And this is what we understand very well, considering your health and priorities. We have a mega range of various masks including Non-woven fabric (PP Spun bond Non-Woven Fabric, N95, N99, N100 Meltblown, ES Non-Woven Fabric & Active Carbon Non-Woven Fabric, etc.), Ear Loop; flat and round both, and Nose Wire. 

Wearing face masks are not only important for decreasing the risk of falling prey to COVID-19 but also dealing with your acne. Face masks for acne are also available here to serve your skin as you have become tired of using different cosmetics to overcome those. There are a variety of face masks available for acne as those soak oil from the skin and keep it fresh. Wearing a face mask for acne for ten to fifteen minutes daily can give great results to the consumer. Choose us to serve you in this regard. 

Sarpimar also provides masks for the surgeons. As doctors are on the frontline of this epidemic situation, they deserve better equipment to deal with this disease so that they can continue curing others. For surgeons, Sarpimar offers a wide range of surgical face masks. These masks are long-lasting than the other masks as surgeons are required to wear masks every day and almost every time in these days. The timing of the expiry of the surgical masks is more than other masks for serving the right purpose. But there is no limit of ordering surgical masks, even any of our customers can order these extraordinary masks. 

Besides, face mask sheets are also available on a wide range for families as according to the Kiddercare.com, children under the age of two and over two do not have the sense to keep their hands clean before touching their nose and mouth. And therefore, they should wear masks if it does not cause them breathing issues. This factor has moved us to manufacture face mask sheets for families and these sheets are available in almost every mentioned variety.  

Our services do not end here. Expert medics claim that faddism does not have any solution. And in such an air of pandemic, if anyone falls victim to influenza, flu, or any other likely virus, his will power is tested badly as almost everybody is afraid of the COVID-19. This has led us to make antiviral masks too. A 2014’s paper of Shuya Takahashi and co-authors stresses on the need of such antiviral masks for people who often remain among a large gathering of people as that in school, college or office, etc. These antiviral face masks are a plus to be worn by the people over fifty and under fourteen, our future champs, the kids.

Mask does not protect us 100% from catching the virus, but it will not deter us from adding to the germ stream that is immense in putting a world back to “normal,” or as near as possible. Even DIY homemade face mask made from scarf or disposable mask made from kitchen towel or even from office or kraft paper is effective and better than nothing in public place.

So, feel free to read our blogs about any of the masks available with us and place your order. 

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