1. CBD Tablets

Herbal tablets are an appealing way of dosing with CBD if you are opposed to smoking or vaping. Expect gradual effects from tablets, since the body does not immediately absorb orally-taken cannabinoids into the bloodstream. However, tablets do produce long-lasting effects, which is better for reducing chronic symptoms.

Black ties infuse 200mg of the decarboxylated flower into its CBD and CBG tablets. This means the cannabinoids are pre-heated, activated, and ready for use. The brand also manufactures CBD-isolate capsules, where the CBD wax is separated into an isolated extract from the rest of the hemp plant. With 350mg of CBD per capsule, this is a remarkably strong product and only recommended if you know you need extra relief.

2. Topicals

Sample skin-based relief with CBD topicals (i.e., CBD muscle balms, oils, gels, and CBD lip balms). Black Tie stocks products from Mary’s Nutritionals, a big player in the hemp industry that specializes in topicals.

Remedy Oil contains 500mg of full-spectrum hemp extract, sweet almond oil, myrrh, cinnamon oil, and terpenes, delivering an array of therapeutic effects. Black Tie markets the Remedy Oil as Mary’s best-selling tincture, and it works under the tongue as well as on the skin.

The Elite Transdermal Gel Pen is an attractive and patented topical, filled with activated hemp extract, cool citrus basil, natural terpenes, and menthol for a cooling effect. Application on the skin may help with skin complaints, pain, inflammation, and infections.  

The Elite Transdermal Balm is another Black Tie featured product from Mary’s Nutritionals. The formulation allows for deeper penetration into the skin than regular topicals and consists of a full-spectrum hemp extract, mango butter, beeswax, and an essential oil fragrance blend.

3. Pet Treats

CBD-infused pet treats are gaining traction, as researchers find out more about the compound’s beneficial possibilities. CBD pet treats are not a gimmick, as canines have endocannabinoid systems (ECS) that need regulation, just like us humans!

Black Tie CBD stocks a range of pet treats in various flavors, such as bacon and salmon. The formulations make giving CBD to your pet much easier than giving them regular medicines! All treats are grain and gluten-free and contain only natural ingredients. CBD supplements for pets may assist with pain, inflammation, stress, and anxiety.

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Black Tie CBD is yet another hemp-based brand specializing in flower, and coming up with some pretty incredible strains! All the right steps are taken to ensure their nugs are pure, potent, and effective, and the independent analysis for all strains shows Black Tie has nothing to hide!

Have you experienced any of the CBD or CBG flower strains listed in this Black Tie CBD review? Share your impressions in the comment section below!