Time is a precious element for entrepreneurs due to the commonly known phrase that time is money. Many business owners are aware of the value of outsourcing small tasks in their businesses but fail to apply the same wisdom to their personal lives. Even if an organization is not making much money, many benefits come with outsourcing an entrepreneur’s day to day home chores.

Ryan Rock, Ankeny local and founder of Empire AG, LLC, is a natural-born leader and honest, organized worker. His accomplishments and optimistic view on life allow him to live out his dream as head of a company that provides turnkey construction services. Mr. Rock contributes much of his growing business success to outsourcing daily time-consuming housework. He dives deeper into the advances he gained, below. 

Save Time for More Vital Parts of Life
Believe it or not, business owners gain more experience when they hire someone to cover housework duties. How? Successful entrepreneurs understand the value of their time, and during the start-up stages of a company, time is of the essence to generate revenue. By hiring someone else for personal chores, you can free yourself up to do the more crucial aspects of life, including vital work, relaxation time, and spending quality time with family and friends.
Save Mental Energy
Maintaining a clean home can be an added stress to an entrepreneur’s busy plate. Strenuous amounts of cleaning can lead to immense mental strain, but a living space still needs a solid deep clean every once in a while on top of lighter, more frequent cleaning. The psychological weight an entrepreneur already carries from work should not be further bogged down with cleaning. Save mental energy for unique daily problem-solving because entrepreneurs need all the extra brainpower they can get.
Where to Start?
Start by outsourcing the at-home tasks that you loathe. Hate doing laundry? There are pick-up and delivery mobile laundry care available in most areas, as well as drop-off services at laundry mats. Can you not stand dusting or doing dishes? Americans, on average, spend 1.5- 2.3 hours tidying their home. There are daily, weekly, and monthly maid assistance for hire that can get the job done during your busy day at work. Do you groan about cooking, too? From personal cook-from-your-home chefs that you can hire to ordering pre-prepped meals, there is a service to cover you. You can even have someone else grocery shop for you with apps such as Instacart, which delivers groceries right to your door.
When trying to decide which jobs to hire a service for, figure out what your time is worth per hour. You can figure this out by breaking down your salary or monthly earnings through simple division. If the service you are looking to delegate charges less than you make an hour, it would be smart to consider that service hired.
About Ryan Rock
Ryan Rock of Ankeny, Iowa, developed leadership skills through his experience in school and the military. Rock knows what it takes to lead a team in achieving goals, focusing on progress and growth, and developing those skills while founding, launching, and leading his company, Empire AG, LLC. He and his team focus on Empire AG’s customers by building workable and dependable solutions.