Substance use and addiction can strip you of your dignity and take all the important things away from you. If you or your loved one has been using drugs or alcohol to escape the dreaded feeling of depression or anxiety you need to know that living a sober life is possible and it's healthier and more fun. 

However, getting sober again can seem scary. Even when you are determined to stop substance abuse, the thought of what your mind and body will go through after you stop doing drugs or drinking can cause you to be very apprehensive. 

This feeling is completely normal and it should not stop you from setting yourself free from the chains of substance abuse. If you or your loved one needs professional treatment to help them recover and restore their quality of living, be sure to check out this sober living virginia page and find out how your specific health disorder can be managed effectively. 

Why should you consider living your life without substance use? Here are 4 reasons why you should pursue a drug and alcohol-free life. 

1. Substances Are Expensive
Alcohol and drug addictions can be very expensive. If you are not careful, you can end up blowing all your fortunes on alcohol and drugs. Many individuals end up stealing money from their family members and friends in order to satisfy the constant craving of drugs and alcohol. By striving to live an addiction-free life, you can save the money you previously used on drugs and use it to improve your life and that of your family. 

2. Substances Will Degrade Your Health
Being constantly under the influence of drugs and alcohol will ultimately lead to intoxication. When you use drugs for a long period of time, your immune system will become weak, and eventually, your vital body organs will not work properly. This will make you fall sick more often and the quality of life will drop. The situation can become even worse if you do not follow a healthy diet or you stay up very late without proper rest. Break free from that addiction and watch how your physical and emotional health will thrive again. 

3. You Can Get Arrested for Drug Possession
Drug possession is illegal in many states and if you are arrested for handling drugs you could end up in jail and/or get slapped with a heavy fine. In addition to the hefty fines, you will also have to live the rest of your life with a criminal record. Being sober can protect you from landing yourself in prison and instead help you to be present in the lives of the people who matter to you the most. 

4. Substance Use Destroys Personal Relationships
Drugs and alcohol can change an individual’s behavior in so many ways. Addiction to drugs can make a person become secretive about their lives and especially how they have been spending money. This often leads to loss of trust and the destroyed relationships make the addict feel alienated from the family which makes him want to drink more. By checking into rehab and getting help, you will be on your way to healing your relationship with your family and friends and also, developing new ones with other people.