Having clean air at home is crucial for your health: all in all, oxygen plays important role in brain functioning. Unfortunately, maintaining non-toxic atmosphere at home is quite hard due to outdoor pollutants, odors and emissions from furniture or building materials, smoke, pet dander. How to protect your family from it? This short guide is here to explain that.

Why fresh air is important?

We are what we drink and what we breathe. Environmental pollutants and toxins keep damaging our health slowly but steadily without us noticing that. Asthma, allergy, headaches – all that can be caused by pollen and tiny particles of dirt and dust. If you want to avoid health problems in a long time span, ensure you’ve got hygienic atmosphere at home.

Ways to get fresh & healthy air

Sweep Up In Your House Regularly

Vacuum cleaners, of course, facilitate task but not all of them are of high quality purification: bags of classic devices allow fine dust to pass through. Do not forget about carpets and curtains – they collect a lot of dust. Therefore, in addition to ‘dry’ cleaning, the room should also be ‘moisturized’: make sure to keep humidity around 40-50%.

Use Conditioner and Filters

In order to maintain a healthy microclimate, it is necessary to ensure air circulation in apartment. But open windows are not the best solution: you have to breathe gas emissions from cars, industrial pollutions, dirt, mold. This is where conditioners will come to the rescue. It’s one of the most useful devices for healthy indoor environment: three-stage filtration system allows you to achieve maximum comfort, especially with MERV 11 filter. Besides, the built-in heater maintains optimal temperature throughout the year.

No Smoking

Smoking is another serious cause of pollution. Even if you don’t smoke, you can involuntarily be a passive smoker: absolute freshness in your house is impossible if your household or neighbors smoke nearby. This is one more reason to install HVAC system or a conditioner.

Take care of pets

Pet dander is a huge source of allergens, so it’s important to wash your furry friend and comb it. Some owners shave pet’s fur. Do not forget to take care of carpets and furniture regularly and perform vacuum cleaning on a regular basis (robotic vacuum cleaners are highly recommended).

By following these simple pieces of advice you can enjoy fresh & healthy air at home and forget about respiratory diseases and allergy for good.