SMOK & OFRF nexMESH pod mod is the latest version of SMOK and the idea of two e-cigarette vape store companies. The famous nexMESH strip comes from the new company OFRF and was introduced to the world in 2018, which started the trend of tapered mesh coils.

The owner of the OFRF brand has been forgotten by the company owner and returned to the backyard. However, now they have promoted together with the industry's mast Smok. Today we will take a look at SMOK & OFRF nexMESH pod mod kit.


The design of the Smok OFRF OFRF box mod is very good. Although the shape factor is not the most innovative, the originality of this example definitely does not take advantage. That's why I personally like this brand-they don't let everything happen by accident, but try to show personality in each element.

Box Mod

The main body is made of aluminum, which naturally affects the weight. I already told you about the fire button, it remains to report on the presence of a small monochrome display and a pair of adjustment keys.

Cooperation with Wotofo 

OFRF released nexMESH as an independent product and provided their OFRF NexMESH strips together with Wotofo to bring some truly high-quality performance, such as Profile Unity RTA, Profile 1.5 RDA, etc. ‘’


Whether it is with the brand's Wotofo grid strips or fish Smok, nexMESH strips have received more praise than themselves, indicating that this product cooperation is also quite successful. So we might as well look forward to this new product Smok OFRF pod kit, and you can get it in best vape online shop.