If you have a well then you need a pump to bring the water up. Of course, it’s also a good idea to have the water tested to ensure it’s safe to use. 

Living in a town this is unlikely to be an issue or an option. But, if you enjoy the rural lifestyle then the well maybe your best, or even only, source of water. You need a reliable pump.

Fortunately, with the right approach, you can find the perfect well water pump for your needs.

Check The Supplier

You need to purchase mine dewatering pumps from a reputable supplier. This will help to ensure the pump you buy will do the job properly for a long time to come. 

A reputable supplier will be able to give you advice regarding your specific needs. They’ll also provide quality pumps and good follow up service. That makes a big difference when this is your main water source and you have to sort the repairs instead of the water board.


It’s essential that you know the depth of your well. The general guide is wells under 30ft deep use shallow well pumps, those over 30ft use deep well pumps. Knowing which you have will help you to look at the right type of pump.

As a general rule you’ll have one of the following wells:

Dug Well

As the name suggests this is literally someone having dug a home in the ground to find water. These wells are usually 30ft or less.

Driven Well

These are similar to dug wells but the use of equipment allows them to be dug much deeper, they can be as deep as 50ft.

Drilled Well

This is a hole bored by a large drill. It can go hundreds of feet into the ground, guaranteeing a constant supply of water.

Pump Type

There are actually three different types of pumps for you to choose from. Knowing which one suits your needs best will help you to narrow down your search.

1. Centrifugal

This type of pump uses centrifugal force, via a fan, to suck the water out of the well and toward your house. They are generally mounted above ground, usually in a shed near the well.

While this makes them easy to look after it does limit their lifting capacity. It’s only good for wells 25ft deep or less.

2. Submersible

These types of pumps can work in almost any environment. They have a variable power output allowing you to adjust it according to the depth of your well. The pump needs to be lowered into the water to work.

It can handle shallow or deep wells but you will need to pull it back to the surface for regular maintenance.

3. Jet Pump

This is the right solution if you have a deep well. It’s the most powerful option and the fastest. You can use this type of pump with any type of well, it works just as well in shallow water as deep. 

In general, the jet is dropped down the well while the motor is situated near the well. This makes maintenance simple.