In life, there are certain things, gadgets, processes, and even people that we take for granted each day… You don’t realize how important they are in your life until they’re gone, but you know life without them would be pretty miserable. Things like cell phones, cars, and even fast-food workers, all play a pivotal role in our lives, mostly because they’re able to go with us wherever we go. 

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Those are pretty obvious things that our lives would be hugely impacted without. But did you know that there are things we use on a daily basis that wouldn’t work, or even be in existence if it weren’t for this thing called dispensing technology? Probably not, right? And that’s okay… It’s not like families sit at the dinner table and discuss which adhesive applications work in which industries or even why glue doesn’t stick to its container or bottle…

But now you’re curious and thinking about it, aren’t you?

To explain how adhesive dispensing plays a role in our everyday lives, you first need to understand adhesives and adhesive dispensing technology.

An adhesive is a substance that bonds two or more solids together, like glue (which you’re probably familiar with) cement, and resins. Now, those substances are dispensed through an adhesive dispensing machine which is used to mix, meter, and dispense those adhesives. 

All kinds of industries utilize adhesive processes and products, and some industries even work with suppliers of adhesive dispensing equipment because their products rely heavily on it… Without adhesive dispensing equipment, we wouldn’t have some of the things we know and love today.

Take a look at how we use this underrated piece of technology, known as adhesive dispensing technology, and see how it impacts our lives on a daily basis.

How Do You Use Adhesive Dispensing Technology Everyday?

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Adhesive Dispensing Technology Gets Our Mornings Started
Maybe you’re not a morning person, so you make strides and efforts to de-stress and get to bed at a decent time and not have a hard time waking up. You do everything from working out in the mornings to stress relief techniques before bed, but yet, you’re still having a hard time waking up in the mornings. So what do you do next? Invest in an alarm clock.

Yes, most people use alarm clocks on their phones, but when you have a hard time waking up in the mornings, nothing beats the loud screeching alarms that only traditional alarm clocks can bring. If you have a digital alarm clock sitting on your bedroom nightstand, then you are indeed using adhesive dispensing technology.

According to, before the invention of alarm clocks, the ancient Greeks and Egyptians used sundials and obelisks that marked the time with a shadow that moved with the sun… thank goodness for alarm clocks!

The sealing and bonding of electrical appliances are done by joining and sealing processes, it’s a pretty safe bet that adhesive dispensing technology helped in that. In addition to your alarm clock, you also can’t forget about your electric shaver and electric toothbrush.

Adhesive Dispensing Technology Helps With Our Chores
We already don’t like doing chores but we do them anyway because our house would be a complete disaster area without them. The good news is that advancements in technology, especially adhesive dispensing technology, have prevented us from having to go back to washboard days.

Everything from dishwashers to washing machines, you’re able to start these appliances before leaving your home, thanks to adhesive dispensing technology that allows gaskets to be securely applied, ensuring that these machines run and function safely.

Adhesive Dispensing Technology Helps With Meals
The thought of adhesive dispensing technology helping with meals makes you think that adhesives are put in your food, right? Well, the technology isn’t helping in that type of way… think of it helping from a preparation point of view. 

Every time you open the fridge to put food in or take food out; when you use your oven or ceramic/induction cooktops; and when you don’t feel like cooking, you can use the microwave… All of those functions are able to be performed, thanks to adhesive dispensing technology. Again, you’re not going to see the glue and other sealants sticking out to know that dispensing technology was used, but now you know it was used, even though you can’t see it.