That sounds like something unique, and it is! Mastello sells a wide range of matte black faucets, where you can easily put together your complete shower set in black. We have made a number of preselections, but you are completely free to create your own black shower set. You can choose your perfect shower set black based on a hand shower, a shower head and a wall mixer. 

The black shower set will make your bathroom look completely different due to the very stylish and sleek design. You already have a shower set in black at Mastello from only € 388.

Our black shower products

Some of our products have kits made to make it easier for you. You can then choose between a built-in shower set (black) (Translated to Dutch: inbouw regendouche zwart) and a (semi) built-in shower set (black). Would you rather buy separate products and make a complete shower set yourself? Then of course that is also possible. In our range you will find, for example, a (semi) surface-mounted rain shower that you can combine with a hand shower matt black with different spray types. That way you can make a black rain shower set yourself. Or opt for a concealed shower faucet in combination with a wall mixer black matt. With us you can very specifically choose a specific type of crane. For example, a separate shower head or a large rain shower. You also have a choice of different sizes of shower heads, how about a luxurious round 30cm overhead shower (or a 25cm matt black overhead shower or a 20cm overhead shower)? You can also choose from the models: round matt black and square matt black. You will also find different shower accessories to make it one whole in your shower. This allows you to compose your own black (rain shower) shower set! Is only a hand shower enough for you? Then you can also choose a hand shower set black mat with shower bar.

Pure craftsmanship with every black shower set

All Meir black shower sets (Translated to Dutch: Zwarte doucheset) are made to the highest standards and designed by the best architects. This is reflected in the sleek and modern design. With a ceramic interior and a black finished exterior you can call that pure top quality craft. We guarantee quality and that is why you can count on a 10-year warranty on the finish. With a particularly good price-quality ratio, this is the best choice available on the market.

Finish of the shower set in black

The Meir shower system (black) has a galvanized finish. This is a major advantage over other finishes, such as spraying or powder coating. Due to this durable finish, the black shower set has a very strong, tight top layer. This top layer does not crumble compared to other finishes. So, that stylish black color; it remains! If, for whatever reason, a scratch comes up, you can even easily get rid of it with a black marker. With a black shower set you are guaranteed to get a good long-term purchase that you can enjoy year after year! You are assured of that, because all Meir products have a 10-year warranty on the finish.