Working from home is not for everybody the easiest thing to do. When there are kids around that also need home education, you have to structure your day carefully. How long this situation, the corona-crisis, will take? Nobody knows. 

It is a challenging time. You know that you can’t go to the office, the gym is closed and your vacation to Lacasita in Spain is cancelled. Your life takes place in and around your house and that is comfortable and complicated at the same time. 

Therefore here a couple of advices that will help you through this situation, while working from home. 

-Take off your pajamas

Get up at the same time you always did when you went to the office and put on some clothes. You don’t have to work from home in a suit or skirt, but don’t work in your sleep outfit. Routine is important to be productive. 

-Have a breakfast

Maybe you feel the urge to start right from the moment you step out of your bed. Don’t! Have a healthy breakfast, take a walk with the dog, drink a cup of coffee and than you start your working day. 

-Start with the most important tasks

Mostly when you are a morning person, you start the day with the most important tasks or the most complicated ones. In the morning you still have a clear mind. Maybe the kids are not around yet. So now is the time to start with the priorities. 

-Have a break

It’s tempting to work for hours and hours, but take a break every one or two hours. Get up, walk through the garden, have a coffee and so on. If you want to stay focused you have to pause regularly. 

-Have a lunch

It is better not to have lunch at your desk. Take a walk during lunchtime and have a good meal. Don’t drink alcohol during the day, even when you intend to buy wine cooler (translated to Dutch: wijnklimaatkast) and try a glass from a cooled bottle. It is tempting when it is sunny in your garden. But do this during the weekend.

-Do some exercise

Maybe you are someone that runs a couple of miles in the morning. That’s great. If you don’t, try to do some exercises during your working day. It clears your mind and it is good for your health. 

-Stop on time

Don’t continue after your normal working hours. That will exhaust you in the end. Because nobody knows how long this crisis will take en how long you will be working from home, keep your working days structured and stay healthy. Put your computer in your laptop bag 14 inch (translated to Dutch: laptoptas 14 inch) at the end of the day.