They live their lives to the fullest. People over fifty cannot be ignored. 

Grey hair, wrinkles, moving slowly and having a job that takes fewer hours than half the week, because they get tired fast. No way! People over fifty are alive! 

They are active, sportive, work their ass off. And those wrinkles? No problem at all. Even as their grey hair. It’s all about staying positive and love life. They are only halfway. 

They love to run and to work

That is the reason that there are more and more magazines and websites about and for people over fifty. Most themes are about fashion, sports, and health. People over fifty love running or playing tennis, go regularly on a holiday, they want to eat healthy food, start studying or are working full time. 

They love information about the best handtas. The best town for shopping. The newest books to read, the greatest films to see, the most interesting documentary on Netflix. They love to get the right information and inspiration. 

Active and full of life

Three years ago two journalists started a magazine for women over fifty for these reasons. “Women in their fifties were a forgotten group. There are a lot of magazines and blogs about make-up, raising children and going on a holiday, but always women under 45 are interviewed about that. Or the articles are about medical health for the elderly. They tell you all about broken hips and scoot mobiles. We are not in that phase yet. We are active people that are full of life.”

People over fifty make choices consciously. They know what they want. Are still flexible and open-minded. They feel free. Kids left home, so women in their fifties have enough time to do their things. The time they want to spend positively. 

Endurance and experience

For example, they dress-up nicely, have a Ted Baker tas and go to restaurants regularly. Many people over fifty do sports. They have great endurance and go on their bike, with an Eastpak on their back, to work. Work they love. They have a lot of experience and are indispensable employees on the work floor. This is how people over fifty are these days and that is different than ten years ago.