Football has recently gained popularity throughout the world, as many people believe that football can be used to promote life skills and student engagement. The goal is to recognize factors that increase the motivation for playing football in a fitness training program. Football is known as a form of recreation.

It is observed that the majority of students are enthusiastic about physical education. Basically, interactive games are a way to promote fitness, well-being, and enhance physics for most students. It has established internal and external factors that encourage sports and leisure activities for students.leads to increase student enthusiasm for football.

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Mental and physical development:

The aim of the present-day researches is to document the perspectives of coaches and students on development through participation in football played among students. In an experiment conducted, nine coaches and 18 students were interviewed through individual and focus group interviews and shared their belief that students benefited personally and academically from high school football.

However, both coaches and students have faced a number of challenges during the season that have influenced the benefits of their participation in sport. Findings suggest that high school sports, and more specifically high school football, can facilitate the positive development of students. However, in order to promote student engagement effectively, coaches must continue to develop strategies to help keep students motivated towards school.

What is so great about football?

Usually, for the students, it is difficult to gather. The resources needed to play any kind of game football is probably the number one factor that is easy to access. Think about it, all you need is a ball and a few nets on either of them (which you can probably use for a bunch of rocks, bags, etc.) so virtually anyone can jump in and play for some other sports such as hockey, football (American), cricket, etc.

You need more supplies, so it's not as accessible in some poorer countries. So more people are able to play football, so it has gained popularity.

It can be a great workout and a lot of fun. Health benefits include - raising aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health decreases body fat and enhances muscle tone, increases muscle strength, flexibility, and agility, and bone strength improves health due to differences between walking, running, and sprinting.

Some other benefits:

It's inexpensive to play-you don't need anything more to play than a shared ball that can be played anywhere if you have a ball and relatively flat ground you can play its versatile-you can play indoors or outside, with just a few people or a few that don't need to learn any new skills-we can all run around and kick things, throw in and headers are really the only learner. It's non-violent-whereas is probably the safest sport to play a short game - especially when compared to the other British games.

Another main reason why students prefer playing football amongst themselves is it helps to increase skills in concentration, persistence, and self-discipline. Therefore it is also a is a great way to meet people and exercise with friends.