When you are running a small business, it can be often very tough trying to make your presence felt in a crowded market simply because you do not have the marketing firepower of many of your competitors. According to http://customerthink.com, promotional marketing helps to raise brand awareness, drive sales, and build customer loyalty. 

There are a huge number of below-the-¬line activities that can be considered from business promotion, however, you will want to use one that has the maximum impact and represents the best value proposition for both the target audience and the business. A USB lanyard is something many marketers have used to great effect. A brief review of its multiple benefits:

Practical and Useful Item

Promotional items tend to be retained for more time by recipients when they are useful. According to https://www.sageworld.com, 60% of recipients keep promotional items for up to two years. In today’s world where everyone uses digital data in some form of the other and need to store it in memory devices a USB lanyard is immensely practical and you can be sure that even if a recipient already has several USB sticks, he will not chuck away the extra one he receives. Since nowadays USB drives come in many shapes and sizes, you can print your business logo and even the tagline on it and string it on an attractive lanyard so that it is not easy to lose. Click here to learn more about customization options.


Since your main intention in giving away a promotional freebie is to raise brand awareness, any item that the recipient is likely to carry around with him tends to be more valuable for marketers because then it can constantly remind him of the business or brand that had sponsored the giveaway. A USB lanyard is as portable as can be because not only is it lightweight and small but also because the lanyard makes carrying it very convenient. The recipients also do not feel awkward wearing a lanyard around their necks because it is a part of accepted behavior.


Because USBs can be extremely cheap when bought in bulk, it can be very cost-effective even for small businesses who will find that even buying a few thousand pieces does not make a dent in their marketing and promotion budgets. Many suppliers specialize in supplying to business customers and can give you a very good deal when you buy in bulk. Because these items do not cost much, you can give them away very liberally to your target audiences and find your brand resonating with them very effectively.


A USB lanyard is perhaps the ideal business giveaway because not only it is something that is practical and has value for recipients but also it is affordable, portable, light, small, and durable and has lasting value unlike the majority of freebies that tend to get thrown away soon after being distributed. A USB lanyard can give continued exposure to your brand for months and even years so you can find lasting value in them.