Perfumes are the scents that women and men wear to have enhanced beauty and to have increased attraction. Perfumes are probably the best for lifting moods, evoking memories and simply to make you feel good. There are different types of colognes and perfume available in the market now but you need to select the best wearable scent. There are different brands, designer lines and categories when it is about the best perfume. 

Below mentioned are some of the ways you can use to buy the best scent for you:

Selecting the scent

There are different notes on each perfume and the notes on them determine the scent overall. There are three layers to these scents referred to as the top, middle and base notes. All these notes in a scent are equally important to create a synergy in a perfume for a specified fragrance. Some perfumes are floral like they contain notes of geranium, rose, and gardenia. Others may have fruity fragrances including apple or citrus. The other category of perfumes is exotic which includes spicy notes like cinnamon and star anise. Normally men’s scents have more notes as compared to women. Some musk scents have more masculine tunes and have leather or pine-based notes. However, when you want to buy the best Penhaligon's perfume for you, you first need to determine the type of perfume you would prefer to have for you.   

Select a concentration 

Fragrances normally have four levels of concentration and the price for each level of concentration of the fragrance is also different. Normally the perfumes with the least concentration have a lower price and the price gets high with the increasing levels of concentration. Normally perfumes that are high in concentration last longer than the others. Highly concentrated perfumes can be expensive too but most people find the price worth it. The four concentration levels have their names. The high concentration perfume is called as the parfum or perfume. The other level is the de parfum which normally lasts for six hours when once applied. The third level is the eau de toilette which is an affordable one and can be easily available in the retail stores. The last concentration level is eau de cologne which has the least concentration. 

Test the fragrance 
This option is available if you are shopping for yourself for the perfume. However, if you are shopping online, you can’t test the fragrance. You can get the reviews regarding a particular perfume from the people who have used it. For checking the fragrance, you need to simply sniff test it by trying a bit of fragrance on the skin. Most of the cosmetics and perfume stores have testers from which people can test the fragrance of the perfume. 

One thing for you to know before buying a perfume for you is that everyone’s skin has its pheromones and hormones type which differ slightly from each other and this changes the way a fragrance smells for everyone.