Over the years, employees have shown immense ability to develop new skills and uniquely acquire knowledge. Technology has played a significant role in achieving this. It has made a considerable impact on our potential to train and learn new concepts. Corporate training is one of the leading spaces which has adapted technology to become more effective and efficient.

When we talk about corporate training, microlearning is a proven useful addition to any organization’s training culture. It is a method to impart knowledge in small and concrete fragments or bites. To put it, it is the process of breaking down the content into small digestible pieces, and each chunk is complete in itself, including full information about a specific topic. In this post, we have discussed how you can implement bite-sized learning in your corporate training program.

What Is Microlearning?

Microlearning is the process of delivering consolidated and fragmented pieces of information to the learners. Usually, in 3-5 minutes, it allows the learners to get the required information in a short span of time. With the process of microlearning in place, learners can complete each learning unit quickly while studying the lessons one by one or choose them depending on their learning paths.

How To Implement Microlearning?

Implementing microlearning properly to your corporate training program can help you ensuring improved retention of knowledge and reduced costs. Since microlearning is also compatible with mobile learning, it enables the learners to access training irrespective of the location.

Know the training objectives:

Initially, you must take out some time to identify and plan the objectives your company expects to achieve from its corporate training programs. You can also include the employees in this process as it can be helpful to understand the skillsets that need improvement. If executed properly, you can ensure that microlearning will help the employees to grow and create an engaging learning experience.

Ensure that the microlearning content is easily accessible:

Since most of the employees are equipped with multiple workloads in an organization, it is imperative to ensure that the training courses are easily fitted to their daily workflows. You can also pair the microlearning courses with mobile learning that will allow the users to access and complete training courses anywhere, anytime effortlessly.

Add interactive tools:

Long-form content, storytelling, flashy images, and endless videos are among a few of the concerns that the trainees often share with their HR managers. Such instances create a sense of boredom and frustration among the employees, and they feel disconnected from the training material.

An interactive interface is one of the effective ways to empower trainees. With the availability of various software like Storyline and Captivate, you can ensure that the employees can work hands-on with the study material they are supposed to excel. You can also use interactive software which uses microlearning by focusing on minute details in short modules. With this, you can bring a sense of accomplishment among the learners as they will be able to go through the learning modules according to their pace.

Assess design options:

You can use animations, AR/VR features, presentations, and audio/video files to make the subject more exciting, provide the trainees with the chance to learn at their own pace, enabling them to practice various topics in a virtual environment.

Final Thoughts

Microlearning provides crisp and targetted fragments of information to the learners. It is critical to think of microlearning as one of the vital aspects of your online employee training program toolkit. There are various ways through which you can enrich your training content in the form of rich media formats and ensure that courses/lessons are accessible anywhere, anytime.