It can be dangerous to drive around commercial trucks so always take extra precautions. With these vehicles, the risk of an accident increases because they have larger blind spots, they can not maneuver as easily, and they take longer to stop compared to passenger vehicles. Of course, there are some general things you must not do when you drive, but it becomes more specific when it comes to driving around big rigs.

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Now without further ado, read on to find out how to stay safe while you’re driving around a commercial rig on the road.

Pass Safely

Passing another vehicle safely is always sensible. However, careful passage near a commercial truck is even more important, because the large, heavy vehicle can not stop as fast as a passenger vehicle. Truck drivers need time to react accordingly and adjust their speed and brake. 

When passing a large truck, always approach from the left side, because the driver can see you more easily. Keep your speed constant while passing and always signal clearly and in advance. Make sure you see it in your rearview mirror before you merge back into the lane in front of the truck to ensure a safe distance.

When a truck passes you, slow down to allow the driver to maneuver safely and efficiently with plenty of space in front of you.

Allow For More Time

When changing lanes or turning close to a commercial truck, activate your signal earlier to give the driver more time to respond to your intended maneuver, and slow down if necessary. If oncoming traffic slows down or stops abruptly, avoid moving into the lane in front of a large truck when merging. Trucks take longer to slow down, and the driver may not be given enough time to avoid crashing into your bumper with a sudden lane change.

Don’t Tailgate

Always maintain at least four seconds of driving distance between your vehicle and a commercial truck. If you tailgate a large rig, the driver will not be able to see you. If you are unable to stop in time or are rear-ended while traveling close behind a large truck, your car may be pushed under the trailer. This is a type of collision which tends to be catastrophic.

Keeping a safe distance also gives you more time to react to tire blowouts and high-wind rollovers. If you are behind a truck in stopped traffic, leave space between your vehicle and the truck in case the truck starts rolling backwards.

Be Patient

Be patient with semi-trailer trucks when sharing the route. Truck drivers have to follow strict operating rules and frequently use regulating devices such as a speed limiter that restricts vehicle speed. Honking, aggressive driving, or traffic maneuvering won't encourage a commercial driver to speed up. Instead, it’ll put you at risk of collision!