New research indicates that while smoking is on the decline, vaping is on the rise. The debate on vaping vs smoking, as well as vaping as an alternative for smoking has been on since e-cigarettes were invented. Due to the health concerns of tobacco smoking, there has been a lot of interest in alternatives to tobacco smoking. 

Governments of many developed countries have tried to limit accessibility and acceptance of cigarette smoking through legislation, laws, and public health awareness due to the negative effects of cigarette smoking such as lung disease, cancers, and dangers of secondhand smoke. 

What Is Vaping
is the act of using a device to inhale and exhale a vapour made up of aerosol. The name vaping derives from vapour, because unlike tobacco cigarettes which produce tobacco smoke when the tobacco combusts, vaping does not combust anything. Instead when the vaping liquid is heated, it produces an aerosol. The process of combustion of the tobacco results in the production of dozens of carcinogens; these are chemicals that promote the formation of cancer. Vaping does not produce carcinogens, rather it produces food grade chemicals and nicotine, provided nicotine is included in the e-juice. Food grade chemicals are known to be less harmful than carcinogens. 

The devices used for vaping are called vaping devices. The device has four components namely; a mouthpiece used for inhaling, the power source which is a battery, heating element, a cartridge which holds the e-liquid which is the vaping liquid. Vaping devices can be vape pens, advanced personal vaporizers, and  e-cigarettes. The battery heats the heating component which turns the e-juice contained in the cartridge into an aerosol. This aerosol is then inhaled and exhaled. Vaping is considered an alternative for smoking.

The Differences Between Smoking and Vaping

1. Financial Costs

Tobacco smoking is expensive overall because cigarettes are now very expensive. Vape is relatively cheaper and most of the components of the vaping device are non-disposable. Vaping devices as well as the e-juice have a reasonable price range that allows people spend less on vape than they would on tobacco cigarettes. 

2. Nicotine Control

Vaping gives people full control of the amount of nicotine they consume. This option is not available in tobacco smoking because cigarettes come in standard packages with nicotine. E-juice comes in different strength levels beginning with nicotine free to high-strength nicotine. An advantage is that it allows people use the nicotine level they prefer, and they can increase or reduce the nicotine level accordingly when they choose to. 

It also provides benefits to people who want to reduce or eliminate their nicotine consumption completely; they can work their way gradually with different strength levels till they eliminate it completely. Tobacco smoking does not allow smokers decide on their level of nicotine intake. 

3. Flavour

Vaping liquid is available in different flavours and this feature allows vapers to choose between savoury, fruity, earthy, fresh, sweet, menthol, mint, or flavourless varieties. A person can choose flavours based on mood or preference. Tobacco smoking does not provide the benefit of different flavours to smokers.  

4. Toxic Chemicals

The most recent research on vaping reveals that it is less harmful than smoking because apart from the dozens of carcinogens produced during combustion of tobacco which happens during smoking, cigarette smoke contains thousands of mostly toxic chemicals which cause serious diseases. 

Unlike with tobacco smoking, vaping does not produce secondhand smoke,  also known as (ETS) environmental tobacco smoke. When non-smokers are exposed to ETS it is called passive smoking or involuntary smoking. Secondhand smoke has the same toxic chemicals that are contained in tobacco cigarette smoke, and it also causes the same serious illnesses. It is very harmful especially to children and infants. Since vaping does not produce secondhand smoke, it is a better alternative as it results in cleaner air in the immediate environment, and does not transfer involuntary smoking and its harmful effects to bystanders.

5. Addictiveness

The addictive component of tobacco smoking is nicotine. Vapour contains nicotine depending on whether the person opts for nicotine free e-juice or another option with nicotine. The ability to choose nicotine strength levels in the vaping device results in less nicotine addiction for vapers and the ability to decide nicotine intake.

The Best Vaping Starter Kits 

Vaporesso has the best starter kits ideal for beginners. Vaporesso is a premium vape manufacturer and its starter kits are all-in-one vaping kits which come in all different types, sizes, and shapes. For beginners, the most ideal products are pen such as the Renova ZERO, VM Solo 22, the revolutionary POD system, and VM Stick 18. A larger vaping device which makes a great starter kit is the Vaporesso Swag II while the Luxe S Kit is one with more power. There are many options for beginners and experienced vapers to choose from.

Vaporesso starter kits range in style, type, flexibility, and simplicity and usually cost between $14 to $80. All the Vaporesso starter kits available are easy to use and operate. Examples are the starter kit Zero and Podstick vape pens which are both great for beginners who want to use the pen vaping device. A benefit of Vaporesso kits is that the user gets to decide on the nicotine strength level of their e-juice. The vaper can choose to start with nicotine-free e-juice or high strength nicotine and reduce or increase it gradually. 


A large number of side effects of tobacco smoking have been recorded since the 19th century. Some of these side effects include lung conditions, cancers, breathing problems, low sperm count, bronchitis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The side effects are greatly reduced or eliminated with vaping. 

In addition, vaping is much cheaper than tobacco smoking, and vape comes in various flavours. Vape is available as starter kits which allow beginners understand the device, learn how to operate it, and use it properly. Vaping does not produce second hand smoke, ash and tar, and so results in cleaner air for bystanders and non-smokers.