Garbage disposals are any person’s best friend who spends most time in the kitchen. Any chef or anyone who loves to cook in the kitchen definitely knows the importance of a garbage disposal or garbage disposer. In this article, we shall guide you on the types of garbage disposals and the difference between a branded and common garbage disposal.

Garbage disposals are not only needed for self-comfort but, also essential if you know the important of sustaining better environment. The decomposed food scraps go into these disposals and are scrapped in the right manner without affecting the air and environment.

Types of garbage disposals:
There are two major types of garbage disposals: Continuous Feed and Batch Feed. Is it not easy to understand the common difference between these two by their name?

1. Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal:
As the name depicts, this type of garbage disposal continuously runs and throws all the food scraps in the running manner. This type of unit is necessary when you are preparing meals and you know you will have skins, peels, bones, to detach simultaneously while cooking dishes.

Merits of Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal:
It is needed when you have regular and extensive portions of food waste. Thus, you can smoothly and continuously scrap the food side by side while cooking.

Continuous Feed Garbage helps you to keep your kitchen unit and space organized, clean, and fresh. It is because you are throwing the leftover as and when you are preparing the meals.

You have a variety of options to choose from in Continuous Feed garbage disposal type. Thus, the market is competitive and the models are reasonable to pick. 

2. Batch Feed Garbage Disposal:
Batch Feed disposals are activated and ran at intervals. The working mode of this type is different from the former mentioned in Once you turn on the feed switch, you can run water and dispose the food scraps until it is running.

Merits of Batch Feed Garbage Disposal:
  • One of the major benefits of using this type of garbage disposal unit is that it avoids any accidental damages or food spillage in the disposer during its operational mode.
  • The cover and stopper attached provided you extra precaution and protection. Thus, the model adds to the safety feature compared to the former type.
  • You can also have a check and control on your power consumption. It is due to the stopper and occasional operation of batch feed that you get to save electricity on your bills.
What you must select literally depends on your usage and kitchen style.

Are branded garbage disposals better than common?
Only few branded and reliable companies make batch feed models in the USA. Those who can afford branded versions are always benefitted as the machines come with a warranty. If you are going for the common names, ensure that you are prepared of getting the entire unit replaced if damaged. 

We would suggest you to go for a branded garbage disposal or a common one that comes with a warranty by your vendor. Based on the usage and requirement, you may select the best suitable piece for your kitchen.