You have an essay to submit soon. You have done the necessary research and have even concluded writing. You spent a lot of time composing the paper and you feel it is perfect. But just before you submit it, have you taken the time to proofread your work?

In the course of writing, you are bound to make errors, as nobody is perfect. Even if English is your native language, you are not above committing a few errors. The errors could also depend on how lengthy the paper is. That is, the more words involved, the more errors you might have. 

Sometimes we think of one thing and write the other, or miss a letter, or write a letter two times, or forget to use the necessary punctuation. These are all common errors you can find in a paper that has not been proofread. Also, there may be a misuse of tenses and phrases that may not be intentional. When you put out such work, submit or publish it that way, it can affect how your target audience accepts it. That is why you have to have your work proofread very well.

The aim of proofreading is to go over your work as many times as possible searching for errors or things that seem out of place. The definition of error here includes typographical errors, the use of wrong tenses, the use of wrong words, missing punctuation, and so on. These errors are committed unknowingly and you may not even notice them when you go over the work for you. 
But why do you need a proofreader? Why can't you just give the work to your friend or colleague to pick the errors for you?

First, we need to see why you need to get your work proofread. The two main reasons are:

1. It Makes Your Work Readable

A work that has been proofread multiple times is easier to read as necessary corrections and editing would have been done. Errors can make your work very uninteresting for people to read as they have to do double work of correcting your mistakes and trying to understand it. 

2. People Take Your Work Seriously

Because a work that has not been proofread contains several errors that could vary, publishing it could make people feel that the writer hurriedly put the work together without paying attention to details. If common words are misspelled, who is to say the details are even correct? But when you take the time to have it proofread, people would appreciate that fact and accept your work easily. 

When you finally decide to have your work proofread, giving it to a professional proofreader is the best option you have for the following reasons: 

1. To Spot Errors 

A professional who has spent years proofreading works has an eye that spots errors even when they are not noticeable. They may go over a line so many times, just to make sure that the line is in order and error-free. They pay attention to every detail, searching for an out of place comma, word needing an apostrophe or a word that should be in its past tense. 

2. For Proper Words

Sometimes, you may use a word that you feel is correct but is not or use a word that is not consistent with your subject matter. You may even make the mistake of using British English where you have been using American English all along. These things count and a proofreader knows this. That is why their work includes using the proper words in your work to give it a uniform feeling. 

3. Better Appearance 

You may write good work, but convey it in the wrong tone or in a way that seems out of place with your target audience. Your proofreader can help you make necessary corrections and adjustments so that your work appears better. 

4. Save your time

Why should you spend hours going over your work when someone else can handle it better? You may not even know what to look for or may overlook certain errors and may have to keep coming back to the work over and over again. Meanwhile, you have other things that need your attention. But when you give the work to a professional Proofreader, you can engage in other things while being fully assured that your work is being taken care of. 

Do not let the good work go to waste because of a few errors. Give it to a proofreader to fine-tune it and make it ready for submission or publication. Our team of proofreaders at  Writing Elites are at your service any day and anytime to help bring out the quality in your work.