These days there are many reasons for thinking about getting rid of your car and switching to an alternative. Cars are expensive, unfriendly to the environment and often a barrier to a fit and healthy existence. Here are 5 great alternatives to using the car as your main mode of transport. 

Cycling, Running or Walking 

Now it's with the stipulation in mind that we know this method of getting around is not possible for all of us, all of the time. We need to live fairly close to work or school and if you have young children or need to carry a lot of stuff it can be troublesome. But even if it is only sometimes it can be massively beneficial to your health, as we all know any walking, running or cycling is good for you. Also, car journeys of 1 mile or less are generally accepted to be the most polluting in terms of emissions. 

Taking the Bus, Train, etc.

Public transport is the next best thing if you are too far from your destination to get there under your own steam. It's more environmentally friendly as the train or bus is already going there so you're not adding to the air pollution by taking your own vehicle. The one downside is that these modes of transport tend to be much more expensive than motoring depending on where you live

Hire Cars as Needed

So if you have started using one of the above methods of getting around as your main mode then you've most likely got rid of the car. But there will always be occasions where driving might be the best, or only way of getting to certain places, especially if you're making a long-distance trip or one to a rural location. So rather than committing to the expense of buying or leasing a vehicle and keeping it on the road, why not hire one on the odd occasion it's needed. You can easily pick up a cat from any of Globe Car's locations making hiring a vehicle extremely easy.

Car Pool

Ok, this one's a little bit of a cheat as it doesn't actually mean getting rid of the car completely. But if you carpool with other commuters then you’re saving costs as you're splitting the fuel money between a few passengers. Also, you're dividing the amount of emissions that are going into the atmosphere by the number of passengers. Put it this way if 4 people shared every journey that would have been taking Ola single passenger we are reducing emissions like this by 75%.m 

Work From Home

Finally if getting to work is just too much of a problem and is going to cost too much to be worthwhile then why not just stay home? Working from home obviously can save you the expense and hassle of the commute. You need to have a job that allows this and be of the mindset to be disciplined enough to work as much as you would do in the office.