Most people struggle their entire lives to find a suitable career path for them. They look for a path that is not only financially rewarding but also aligns with their interests. 

While engineering and management jobs get a lot of traction, human resources is one field which remains continually under-appreciated.

A career in HR may be easy to overlook but it does not mean it is not worth pursuing. The average salaries of HR managers can go as high as USD 48k in the USA

It is not only about the money. HR has an imperative aspect in shaping an organization. HR works in the collaboration of senior leadership to find and hire top talent in the company. Therefore, it is much more than an administrative role.

If you want to pursue this field, here are the 5 qualities you must have.

1) You are interested in human psychology

Maybe you attended a couple of psychology classes in college and you were interested in how human behavior works.

HR profession requires you to work with people but that’s not all there is to it. 

People who work in HR are interested in organizational sociology and are intrigued by management principles.

If you have a book collection that covers human behavior in general, it is a sign that your interest aligns with human resource, which means that this is potentially the profession for you.

2) You can strategize and it makes you happy

Do you feel happy making an itinerary on behalf of your friends and family when planning a trip? 

Do you like to volunteer and get things done in an organized manner?

Contrary to popular belief, HR is a strategic function. HRs are constantly weighing priorities and competing interests to make an informed decision which caters to everyone’s needs, without overtly prioritizing one thing over the other.

You should have the ability to think through your decisions to identify the effects of the same.

There can be a situation when a company is shifting to a new market, in that case, you should be able to formulate strategies to hire the right talent mix and keep the organization on a successful trajectory.

If strategizing is something you are not only good at but enjoy, Human Resource is probably the right choice for you.

3) You don’t shy away from tackling sticky situations

Do you feel comfortable when your friends come up to you to resolve interpersonal conflicts? 

Do you think you can diffuse uncomfortable situations with delicacy?

People have a range of emotions and these emotions get complex at times. As an HR, your job would be to tackle sensitive and personal situations. Not only do you need to communicate effectively to resolve such issues, but you also have to adhere to confidentiality.

You have to ensure that your employees feel respected. 

For this, you have to build trust and forge relationships.

As an HR you will have to deal with complex cases such as reports of discrimination, disciplinary issues, and harassment. You will have to tackle such reports in a disciplinary and unbiased manner.

For instance, a good performing employee may have difficulty getting along with others or someone may not be a kickass performer despite their good behavior. In both the cases, you have to make informed decisions which are unbiased and beneficial for the concerned parties.

If you are someone who is a pro at this, HR is the profession for you.

4) You are approachable

If you are someone who is approachable, can listen and communicate with cognitive flexibility, keep confidentiality, resolve problems with a firm hand, and keep people inspired in what they do, you rock at some of the most crucial aspects of being an awesome HR.

Employees at different levels have different cognitive abilities; you cannot talk to people in the same manner. From executives to CEOs, professionals at all levels should be comfortable communicating with you. They will seek your help in navigating solutions because you are the one communicating with people on a regular basis.

Thus, if being approachable comes to you naturally, do not have second thoughts about taking this career path. 

5) You have a business mindset

Do you like reading about business models and organizational functions? 

Are you inquisitive about what works for a business what does not?

If you do, then you have a business mindset. It will come handy while formulating HR solutions and advocating for the employees. You will have a fair idea of the right suggestions to give and you will be able to formulate blueprints  that are aligned with the collective good of the organization.

Most employers get rattled if their HR personnel do not understand the goals of their business. Being business oriented while simultaneously being good at the art of striking a balance are hallmarks of a great HR professional.

If this sounds anything like you, it looks like HR is the profession for you.


Human Resources is an interesting and rewarding profession. If you have some of the qualities outlined in this article, this is probably the right career path for you.
To sum it up, here are the 5 signs that HR is the ideal career for you:
Your interest lies in human psychology
You’re excellent at strategizing 
You’re good at resolving problems
You’re a good people person
You understand and value the ideals of a business 
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