Nowadays, as society develops and life improves, so many people have the need to study arts for entertainment as well as to improve their understanding. In which piano is the most popular musical instrument chosen by many people. For those who are new to playing the piano, choosing the right one will have an important role to play. Here are some good beginner keyboard!

Yamaha CP40 Stage Piano

In fact, Yamaha CP40 Stage Piano is suitable for beginners, musicians, professional artists or someone who likes to play the piano on stage.  Despite being equipped with 88 keys, the Yamaha CP40 Stage Piano is still quite light and compact. You can easily take it anywhere to play on stage, in the studio or in events, etc. It is also convenient for you to store after the show and away from home.

Yamaha CP40 Stage Piano is suitable for beginners, musicians, professional artists or someone who likes to play the piano on stage

Yamaha CP40 Stage Piano is equipped with Yamaha Grad Grad Hammer keyboard to bring you the feeling of authenticity. When you touch the Yamaha Grad Graded Hammer keys, you feel like playing an acoustic piano.

The Yamaha CP40 Stage Piano has an easy-to-play keyboard, so it is suitable for beginners. In addition, it is sensitive to an impressive sound range. You will also find 15 quality CFIII Grand Piano sounds from Yamaha development. The Yamaha CP40 Stage Piano works great for major concerts and all kinds of music like pop, country, rock, and more.

The Yamaha CP40 has 247 voices, including bass, organ, strings, buffer and voice library based on the MOTIF Synthesis. In addition, it integrates up to 62 virtual circuit models including reverb, compressor, chorus and 3-band Master EQ.

Overall, the Yamaha CP40 Stage Piano is a great instrument for beginners. Here are some of its great features.

GH keyboard

88 weighted keys, action Hammer is classified

LCD screen

24 voices, 297 presets and 62 VCM effects

15 CFIII Grand Piano sounds and 35 Vintage electric piano sounds

Number of polyphony (Max.): 128

Tone generation technology: Spectral component model (SCM) and AWM2

Connectivity: Line Out and OUTPUT jacks, headphone jacks, durable and assignable Footswitch jacks, foot control jacks, MIDI in and out terminals, type A and B connectors

Other controllers: Bend wheel, Modulation wheel, Data dial, Master Equalizer slider, Part slider, Main volume dial

Dimensions: 1332mm x 163mm x 352mm

Weight: 16.3 kg

Color: Black

Package: AC adapter, FC3 foot pedal, User manual, online CD-ROM (contains Reference Guide, Composite Parameter Guide, and Data List)

Warranty period: 3 years

Casio CTK2550 Portable Keyboard

Casio CTK2550 has a sharp and sharp design with classic black. Although the Casio CTK2550 is only available in one color, it looks great for an instrument in its price range.

If you are looking for a cheap keyboard for beginners then Casio CTK2550 Portable Keyboard is a perfect choice. It is true to say that Casio CTK2550 is a great and budget-friendly option for students. However, if you are an experienced pianist, you will not choose Casio CTK2550 Portable Keyboard.

In fact, Casio CTK2550 Portable Keyboard can be a beginner's delight thanks to a range of audio options, especially, it has 400 choices! You can have more fun and be creative all the time with different styles. Casio CTK2550 Portable Keyboard can still provide a full range of voices, rhythms and even integrated Dance Music mode.

Users will feel more comfortable with a small LCD screen displaying notes as well as ideal finger position. This feature makes Casio CTK-2550 the perfect companion for beginners.

Casio CTK2550 has a number of buttons located next to the LCD screen that allow users to go through different modes and settings. Although there are a total of about 30 different buttons, the Casio design team ensures that these buttons do not take up too much space and therefore do not make the Casio CTK2550 look cluttered.

The Casio CTK-2550 keyboard contains 61 full-size keys. This means it is smaller than the standard 88 digital piano. Although the keys on this model are not categorized, the key action on them is still good and further allows the user to select up to three touch sensitivity options. There is no denying that to some extent, this almost makes up for the lack of touch-response keys.

Casio is famous for producing musical instruments that bring great sound quality, superior to other brands. Casio CTK-2550 is no exception. Because Casio CTK-2550 is a beginner instrument, Casio makes sure that players can easily create music by providing them with a wide array of different audio and features to work with. Casio CTK-2550 comes with an incredible library of 400 integrated tones.

In addition to 400 built-in sounds, the Casio CTK-2550 also has 150 rhythms for beginners to choose from. Thank to that, you can play with different styles and genres of music.

Casio SA76 44 - Best Beginner Keyboard For Kids

There is no denying that Casio SA76 44 is the best keyboard for children.

In fact, the first thing you easily notice about the Casio SA-76 is that its size is extremely small. CCasio SA-76 only comes with 44 keys, perfect for any piano novice who wants to learn especially kids. The small set of keys allows the young player to focus precisely on where he needs to lay his hand and that does not prevent him from forcing him to reach out to areas he cannot reach or trouble him with its size.

This model comes in beautiful black colors, while the bottom is brown for a harmonious look.

There is no denying that Casio SA76 44 is the best keyboard for children.

What is surprising is the size of the Casio SA-76. It offers a lot for beginner piano players. With 100 sounds available, significantly more than most digital pianos. The grand piano sound here is the most reliable, for good sound, supported by Casio's reputation for making good music machines. However, these sounds are not supported by any of Casio's prestigious audio generation technologies (such as linearly variable AiF systems or AiR systems).

Due to its limited size, there are many functions contained on conventional digital pianos that you won't find on the SA-76, for example, it has no transposition, rhythm, tempo or tuning functions, etc. This omission is not too difficult to understand. So if you are looking for the inclusion of any of these features you should definitely go to a higher-end machine. Casio SA76 44 doesn't have any USB connection or computer connection, and it is only input/ output is the headphone port, which is an essential feature for any beginner who wants to practice individually. 

All in all, above are a few of our good suggestions for you. If you want more guide and instructions about piano and other musical instrument, check out our website