There are millions of golfers all around the United States alone, which actually sets it straight that golf is quite a popular sport that has been around for centuries now. While most people know what golf is, there are tons of things that golfers and non-golfers alike don’t know about the game. These are a few of the things you probably didn’t know about Golf.

1. It was not founded in Scotland

The current game of golf is based off a similar game that takes its roots from Scotland. But, the game can actually be traced all the way back to the time of Julius Caesar. While their version was different from how modern golfers now play, the main principles of the game still stand. Back then, however, the ball they used was one made of feather-filled leather. The “clubs” that they used were taken from tree branches. In another part of the world, golf also has an Asian ancestor that was played in China from the late 10th to 13th century.

2. Golf was made illegal by King James II of Scotland 

The main reason why King James II banned the game of golf, and football as well, was to prevent young boys from wasting their time practicing their swings (and kicks) instead of polishing their military skills. During that time, the country required boys aged 13 and over to partake in military training to help defend the country against England. 

However, the ban was lifted when the peace treaty between the two countries was signed.

3. Chicago: Home of the 1st 18-hole golf course

In Wheaton, Illinois, the first 18-hole golf course was commissioned by the Chicago Golf Club in 1893. However, there were several existing courses that had less than 18 holes all around America. The sport has a long and enduring standing in the country.

5. Man has played Golf on the Moon

While there isn’t any 18-hole golf course in the moon, the word “played” is used quite liberally in this case, since the golf ball never really reached the hole. Instead, it is probably off floating in space. On the 6th of February 1971, Alan Shepard swung his Driver and shot a golf ball into space. He was the commander of Apollo 14. Another sport that has made it to outer space is special badminton match played by astronauts on the International Space Station.

6. World Record: Longest Drive is 515 yards 

Considering that the average driving distance is between 180 to 220 depending on the handicap level, 515 yards is a world record. This was set by Michael Hoke Austin in Las Vegas, Nevada. The record was set way back in 1974, and after more than 4 decades, has remained unbeaten. Just “putting” this bit of information out there, the longest putt is set at a distance of 375 feet. This was a record set just a few years ago in Australia. 

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