Many of those who dream of getting rich pay attention to already existing millionaires and billionaires: their actions, their biography, where they invest. This is quite logical and justified because they are the ones who should be guided.

It goes without saying that no millionaire will disclose full information about where he invests money. You can only tell about it by where they have invested the biggest sums - they are invariably written and spoken about in the media.

Approximately 39-42% of the fortune of famous millionaires and billionaires remains undisclosed to the public.

So, let us pay attention to the titans: George Soros, Robert Kiyosaki, and Charles Manger. They don't care what a few thousand dollars can bring them - they're more worried about how to save millions and billions of American dollars, much of which is in real estate...

By the way, real estate is a major investment at all levels of capital ownership. For millionaires and billionaires - elite real estate and their own huge real estate complexes. For those who are "victorious" - more modest real estate. But the principle is the same: real estate is one of the most liquid assets.

Real estate is always in price. If you are the owner of real estate, it can always be rented out or run your own business in it, without worrying about the cost of rent, and this is important.

The most popular investments are sports ones. Many people know about Roman Abramovich as the owner of the Chelsea Football Club in the first place. And much less is known about the specifics of his business. It should be noted that there are businessmen who not only invest money but also take part in competitions themselves. For example, Dmitry Rybolovlev’s Skorpios sailing team recently celebrated its victory at ClubSwan 50.

By the way, it should be noted that by 2019 there were more millionaires than in 2018 and 2017. Their number is constantly growing, and the largest concentration of them is in the U.S.

Millionaires are not squeamish about buying securities. As a rule, wealthy people are well aware of the state of the stock and currency markets and therefore know which securities are more liquid.

During a crisis, many securities were bought up for nothing in order to turn them into expensive assets. This common practice has affected many industrial enterprises and banks, which were very much affected by the crisis.

Those millionaires who develop technologies in the world invariably invest in the development of science. At the stage of becoming a wealthy individual, it is difficult to do so, but being a millionaire is much easier. The development of science and the promotion of the ideas of talented scientists is a guarantee that the company, the owner of which makes investments, will steadily develop and become one of the leaders in its field.