Camping is indeed a fun and exciting way to bond with your family. You might have gone camping with your friends or a special someone. But, it’s completely different when you are bringing your kids with you. You have to be meticulous when planning a camping trip with your kids. 

To make sure that your camping trip is successful, here are 10 things you must remember when planning for the trip:

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1. Decide Whether You Will Use a Cabin, RV, or Tent.
When you went on a camping trip with some friends, it’s most likely that you used tents. They make the trip more exciting and most importantly, they are affordable and convenient. But, when camping with kids, tents are not that ideal. If you have small children, they won’t be comfortable sleeping in a tent, especially when there’s a chance that it would rain. 

If you have an RV, then awesome! But if you don’t, a cabin is also a great choice. Choose a cabin that offers basic essentials, such as a kitchen and a working bathroom. Your cabin doesn’t need to be big or luxurious as you will spend most of your time outdoors. You just have to be sure that it is comfortable for everyone.

2. Check the Distance Between Your Home and Destination.
Take note that planning a family vacation is different from planning a camping trip. There’s a little chance that you could fly to your destination because of all the things you need to bring. For some, long road trips are fine. However, if your children are still young, they might not like to be in the car for too long. Consider how far your location is and how long all of you are willing to travel.

3. Read Campground Reviews.

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Today, there are many types and locations of campgrounds. Choosing your location can actually be fun. You can compare other people’s experiences and determine which one is best for your family. Choose campground sites that are kid-friendly. Take time to compare camping grounds so you can be confident that you and your family will be making happy memories.

4. Inspect Campground Amenities.
Amenities include hiking trails, playgrounds, bathrooms, pools, convenience stores, etc. The importance of planning ahead is to let you get many pieces of information about the campground site of your choice. When camping with your kids, identify and list down all your needs. Then, check campground amenities if they can offer your requirements. This way, you can be sure that your entire camping trip will go smoothly.

5. Study the Possible Campground Activities.

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Camping trips are awesome for kids because of the activities they can do. To make your trip a success, check campground activities if they are suitable and enjoyable for your family. By learning the activities, you can also plan ahead of the itinerary of your camping trip. Some awesome activities you can do with your children are bubble pits, crafting, and dying shirts.

6. Check Available Activities Beyond the Campground.
If you’re planning a short vacation, then it’s fine to stay within your location. But, if you are thinking about a week-long trip, then it’s a good idea to explore beyond the campground. Learn about the different activities you can do to keep your children happy and excited.

7. Plan Early.
Since you are planning for the entire family, then it’s important that you plan early. This allows you to take note of everything you need. Also, camping trips are really popular these days so campgrounds can get packed right away. If you plan to go to famous campgrounds, then you must book early.

8. Plan Your Meals Before Going on Your Trip.

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Planning ahead your meals will save you a lot of stress when you are already on your camping trip. Consider bringing ready-to-cook food, crockpot meals, and lots of snacks. It’s also fun if you do some grilling to really get the feel of your vacation. If you need more help in meal planning, you can simply do an online search and you’ll see a lot of camping menus.

9. Pack Properly.
When camping with kids, you will surely pack more. It can get confusing, especially when you have more than one child. To make it a bit easier, start with the essentials. These include toothbrushes, sunscreen, bug spray, baby wipes, diapers, a few toys, card games, and appropriate clothing. 

Other important stuff includes roasting sticks, plastic tablecloth for your table, citronella candles, garbage bags, lanterns, extra flashlights, and matches. There are still definitely a lot more to pack but you can start with these.

10. Get Your Kids Involved.
It’s important that you include your kids when planning your trip. Ask them where they want to go and what they want to do. Ask them about their expectations. This greatly helps in deciding your final destination and to make sure that everyone is having a great time.

So, there you have it! Going on a camping trip with the entire family is no easy feat. But, the memories you make and the bonds you will form are priceless! By taking note of these 10 tips, you will surely have a fabulous time with your children!