The holidays are notorious for bringing family together, inspiring a closeness that isn’t always possible year-round. It’s a time to appreciate the people you are able to celebrate with and remember those who may not be present, but are held forever in your heart.

Do you ever wish that you could fully capture the feeling of being surrounded by your loved ones even when they aren’t around? Do you have a family member who would love a way to preserve the bond all of you share whether it is Christmastime or not? If finding a heart-warming gift this holiday season is important to you, a custom paint by Numbers may be the perfect addition to your shopping list this Christmas.

Creation of a Cherished Gift
So, you have decided on the family members you wish to capture within a work of art.
You’ve got pictures of them.

But how do you get that amazing family photo down on canvas? The process is extremely simple. Christmastime can be stressful, but immortalizing the joy you share with your family need not be.

The first step to beginning the creation of your portrait is to hop onto the Paint Your Life website.

On the showcase page, you will be prompted to choose the painting style that is best for your portrait. After choosing from oil, charcoal, pencil, watercolor, acrylic, or pastel, you can then view the work of the fantastic artists who specialize in that style. Once you’ve chosen an artist, all that’s left to do is upload the picture you wish for him or her to capture.

Let the creative process begin!
A family portrait is an extremely personal gift and Paint Your Life is devoted to ensuring that the end product is exactly as you imagined.

This is why, upon teaming up with one of the talented artists, you will be given the chance to make specific requests in regards to your portrait. You can ask the painter to remove various objects from the photo you have submitted or you can even upload multiple photos and ask the artists to combine them into one work of art. Want the beloved family dog inserted between your two kids? Simply make the request and the artist will do the rest.

Presentation is everything and, just as you were given freedom to customize your picture, the time has come for you to customize how it is displayed as well.

You will be given your pick of multiple sizing options for your portrait and also be allowed to select a frame. Framing decisions can be made when you submit your picture or you can wait on this decision until after you see the finished product.

Selecting something as important as the fame of the painting can be overwhelming since, naturally, you want this fantastic keepsake to look just right. Take a look at a few tips from Adorable Home that will make these decisions easier and give you some awesome ideas!

Before painting begins, the uploaded photo is edited in order to ensure maximum color quality of the photo the painter will use as a guide. Any changes you requested will also be factored in so that you have the opportunity to see exactly what the configuration of the portrait will be before painting begins.

Once the artist gets the okay from you, it’s time for the magic to begin.

You will be kept in the loop throughout the entire process, receiving routine updates of the painting in progress up until it’s completion. The artist is also available to accept any changes you might wish for him or her to implement along the way in order to ensure that your memory is captured to perfection. You can even turn it into a custom personalized paint by numbers piece as a project for the family. 
The Result
Anything that embodies the memories you hold dear is something to be treasured. Whether you seek to memorialize a snapshot of the people you’re currently blessed to spend the holidays with or those who have passed on, creating a cherished portrait is not a gift your family members will ever forget.

Take a look at the beautiful reaction one woman had when her son gifted her a portrait of his grandparents. The woman’s parents and in-laws had never had a photograph taken together so her son but by combining two pictures, their memory was brought near even though they were no longer there to share Christmas with the family.

The reaction is priceless and is a fantastic representation of the joy of the season.

Ready to give your loved ones a gift they can treasure for a lifetime?

Satisfaction is guaranteed and the talented artist assigned to your portrait is just waiting to turn your photograph into a timeless keepsake.

Take a look at the details to get started and start the process of memorializing the happiness you share with your loved ones forever.