Pokemon Go is a game on your mobile devices that uses augmented reality to give its gamers an authentic Pokemon experience. This effect enables players to catch their favorite Pokemon employing similar technology that Google Maps utilizes.

Pokemon has been extremely popular with people, both adults and young. Still, when the Pokemon franchise was available for mobile devices and generate an almost entirely new adventure for players, those who do not know anything about Pocket Monsters developed an urge to play the game. 

With the utilization of augmented reality, the players can see Pokemon in real locations, which makes them feel like they are inside the game.

Although this game of Pokemon is quite safe for children of all ages, you need to make sure that you keep an eye on them consistently, so that they do not step into objects or the street.

Few Tips to Get Stronger
Take Advantage of the Transfer Option
When you capture a Pokemon, you have the option to transfer the monster to the professor, and you obtain candies for the Pokemon you caught. Having caught a Pokemon and received the Candy and Stardust they bring, you can transfer out Pokemon that you do not need.

In situations where you already have 20 Pidgeys, then you can reasonably swap for candies to power up the that you will use in battle as Pidgeot. You can only bring a limited number of monsters, and you need all of them to get stronger, so it is best to remove those weaker ones.

Select a Rare Type Pokemon as Buddy
Some monsters do not usually appear. Since you will not see these quite often, choosing them as your buddy Pokemon suggests you can obtain those kinds of candies slowly as you walk. As you do it, you will notice that you have enough candies to evolve your Pokemon buddy.

Perhaps it is best not to choose Swablu or Magikarp as buddy because you will need 400 candies to evolve them, and it will get you bored before anything transpires, making you select another monster and start again.

Use Lucky Eggs Wisely
Occasionally, you will get a Lucky Egg or obtain one after a game update as compensation or reward. This egg will increase the experience you earn by 100% for 30 minutes. So, remember to keep it, and only use the item for the maximum advantage to boost the level of your Trainer. 

That greatest gain can be when you go to a busy place and that you know you are going to be hatching or catching many Pokemon, or where there are a lot of Gyms around for you to challenge, and win.

Take Over Gyms
Pokemon Gyms are where the real glory rests because they are the way to Coins, and the Gyms are what this game of Pokemon is all about; you fight, win, and rule a Gym. 

You will need a powerful Pokemon to defend your Gym, and the longer you defend it and take over, the more Coins you will earn. Thus, the more Coins you have, the more items you can purchase.

You will gain control over a Gym for your group, and other members of your group can defend the Gym alongside you. Some monsters like Chansey are difficult to defeat, so if you want to take over for long, always put a Chansey as a defender. 

Some Pokemon Cheats You Should Know About

When it comes to best location for Pokemon Go, some modify the location of their GPS, which gives them the chance to locate rare Pokemon like Dragonite, Tyranitar, or Metagross and capture them instantly. 

Then after capturing those extremely rare monsters, they will conquer any Gym and defend it at the same time; hence, they are like traveling the world while staying in one place.

Pokemon Go is breaking this down by randomizing stats for any trainer that are below level 25, so it is particularly tough to know the Pokemon's IV.  Spoofing has major consequences and can be the reason why the GMs will ban your account for a month or two, depending on the severity of the cheat. 

Cheating is something that Pokemon Go wants to prevent and stop because they will lose a significant number of players if they do not take action on this matter.

Botting is another form of cheat that is similar to spoofing but automated. Botters travel everywhere and collecting as many powerful monsters as possible. 

Some people use botting to sell an account to a desperate buyer; hence, they use it to make extra money using the game. However, with recent patches and updates, it will be harder to execute botting, unlike in the past.

To Conclude
Pokemon Go has been universal, and many people love the game so much because they feel a sense of nostalgia, and they remember their good old childhood days as they play the game. So, if you are planning to play the game, then you can use this content as your guide to getting stronger, and ultimately become a Pokemon master.