The advancements that have been made on random orbital sanders over the years have made them the most preferred power tool that every woodworking craftsman should have in their workshop.

Unlike other sanders, the random orbital sander is known to sand smoothly, leaving no marks on the surface of the wood material that you’re working on.

That being said, here are some of the popular features in a random orbital sander:

1.    The Random Orbit
One of the primary features that make the random orbit sander quite unique is the ability it has to completely sand in a random orbit with speeds of up to 25,000RPM. This is made possible because of the random orbit.

This full random motion enables this sander to produce a very smooth finish with no sanding marks left behind as is seen when you use a belt sander or palm sander.

2.    The Sanding Disc
A huge number of random orbital sanders make use of sanding discs. This feature has a 5-inch diameter that is fixed on to the foam-rubber pad by the hoop and loop connections. This disc has eight holes placed in a circular pattern that is in alignment with the holes that collect dust in the pad.

Sanding discs are available in several grits ranging from 60 which is coarse up to 220 which is very fine.

3.    The Dust Bag
This is one very prime feature in random orbital sanders. The dust bag serves to collect the wood particles being produced as the wood-piece is being sanded. This sander has a connection system or a vent where the dust bag is attached to it.

The dust bag eliminates the scattering of dust all over the workplace. It is detachable and this allows you to empty off the collected dust once the sanding work is done.

4.    The Variable Speed Feature
Random orbitals are highly versatile tools. What makes them even handier to use is the fact that they have a variable speed feature. Rather than just being limited to the low and high power modes, you can be able to tune the speed to your liking.

5.    A Strong Grip
It’s rather uncomfortable to use a sander that doesn’t have a tight grip on your hands. Random orbital sanders have a strong grip feature that makes them ideal for use.

The first is the palm grip located at the top of the sander which is efficient and quite comfortable to hold. It minimizes fatigue when sanding for longer periods and allows ease of control of the sander.

The second is the barrel grip located at the middle front of the sander and enables you to hold and move the entire tool comfortably on the surface of the material that you are sanding.

6.    The Power Switch
Random orbital sanders have a power switch feature that allows easy switch on and off. Most sanders are designed in a way that the sanding pad spins only when some pressure is exerted on the machine as opposed to when the power switch is turned on. This serves as a great safety feature.

Now that you’re aware of the most popular features in random orbital sanders, here are some detailed random orbital sander reviews that you can read to help you make an informed decision on your purchase.