Christmas is the time of the year when you can really develop a healthy and loving relationship with the special someone in your life by gifting them something wonderful. We’ve listed a few great Christmas gift ideas for you to make your loved ones feel special. 

1. Sydney Harbour Cruise

What better way to celebrate Christmas than going on a cruise with someone you love? It gives a chance for you and your significant other to get acquainted with the spectacular Sydney harbour. This two-hour lunch cruise is a perfect choice. There is a three-course ala carte lunch which you enjoy being seated on the upper restaurant deck while marvelling at the stunning views such as the Opera House. 

The MV Sydney 2000 – the vessel you will travel in – is a great boat. You will be welcomed by a friendly staff and get to relax and see the great views as you roll pats landmarks you don’t want to miss. Enjoying contemporary Australian cuisine with great service is an experience you don’t want to miss. 

2. Visit a Winery and Camping

Going to visit a winery is another great idea when it comes to celebrating Christmas with your loved one. An overnight stay near a winery is the perfect romantic getaway for two. You get to relax and unwind in a luxurious tent while enjoying wine. Such Christmas gift ideas can offer you so much – from sleeping under the stars to drinking wine along with enjoying delicious food in the outdoors. What more do you want?

3. Gold Class Cinema and Dinner Date 

This Gold Class package is for someone who wants special treatment. You get to relax in style in an intimate cinema, in front of a huge screen while enjoying a movie. Your food, drinks and sundae will be delivered straight to you by your personal waiter. You can surprise the special someone in your life by taking this on this night out which isn’t an ordinary movie date. 

You get to sip cocktails in the VIP bar and select what time your food is served during the movie. The intimate cinema offers the best seats where you can relax while enjoying a movie and dinner. What a perfect and exciting way to celebrate Christmas with someone!

Other Christmas Present Ideas

1. Whiskey Tasting Kit

For the wine lover in your life, you could always get something specific like this special set which not only contains 12 great whiskies but information regarding their histories. Allow your loved one to relax and enjoy their Christmas this way. 

2. Colourful Christmas Lights

What’s Christmas without giving or receiving at least one cliché gift? Make sure your friends and family have a colourful Christmas by gifting those multicoloured lights which they can use to decorate their home. With this gift, you can brighten up their life— quite literally. 

3. Customized Coasters 

Do you know how relatives visit every Christmas? Well, how about making those visits easier on your friends and family by gifting them some nice, customized coasters which they can use to serve their guests. This will not only be handy but also thoughtful!

Christmas is a time of giving and receiving so don’t forget to make your loved ones feel special. Gift them thoughtful experiences and items to make their lives better.