The impact of slips, trips and falls is something that most people underestimate when it comes to accidents at the workplace. These accidents are not only capable of causing severe injuries that could prevent one from working, but they can ideally be deadly. According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), slips and falls come after vehicles in causing fatalities, contributing to 15 percent of deaths that are accidental. 

In this read, we are going to provide a few essential tips that will help avoid trips, slips and falls at work: 

Clean Spills To Avoid Creating Slipping Hazards

It is very easy to fall and sustain severe injury from a spill. As such, it is imperative to keep the office space clean to avoid such incidents. Ensure you pick up the fallen items and instantly wipe the spill. 

Wear The Right Shoes

Ensure that you have the right footwear for your workplace. There's a wide array of slip-resistant shoes in the market and scuffing the soles is an excellent way of ascertaining that your shoes are less slippery. You can achieve this by using a knife to score them or rub the soles on concrete. 

Use The Right Tools for The Job

If you need to grab an item that's out of reach, take your time and get a ladder or a step stool. Some chairs aren't designed for withstanding the weight of individuals standing directly on them, and so, they could break at any moment. Standing on folding chairs can ideally make them collapse, and swivel chairs can easily slide out from underneath you. So, avoid skimping and just get the right item for the task you want to do. 

Avoid Working in The Dark

Ensure that there's sufficient lighting when working. Ideal lighting will help avoid tripping on items and even slipping on floors. 

Clear The Walkways and Pathways when Moving Large Items

When moving a huge object, it's advisable to clear the way beforehand. Shuffling around other items while carrying a heavy object can lead to a fall due to the reduced visibility and mobility. 

Let Other People in the Office Know When You Are Moving

Sometimes, individuals in shared office space can be a tripping hazard. As such, you should make it a habit of letting people know when you are walking behind them. Also, when opening doors, it is advisable to give a warning.

So, the next time you are moving around the workplace, ensure you keep these tips in mind and put them into use. Ideally, ensure that your workmates are also aware of the potential hazards as well as these practices. Even when the most care is taken accidents can still happen. If this does occur contact Tampa Attorney Michael R.Herron to discuss.

Take Care and Be Alert

At any job site, there will be some dangers. Whether that's in the form of heavy machinery, conveyor belts, or items that you might trip over accidentally, there is always something to be wary of. Get into the habit of looking where you are going and watching out for hazards. The more familiar you are with your working environment, the less likely you are to fall prey to potential hazards. Paying attention to your working area will help you and your co-workers to avoid any potentially dangerous situations.

Keep Important Spaces Clear

Be sure to remove any clutter that is blocking your emergency exits, workspaces and equipment shutoffs. Cluttered work areas can be dangerous because they make it difficult for you to use your tools safely and manipulate heavy or large objects properly. Place your equipment in the proper storage area, and dispose of rubbish promptly so that it does not build up and obstruct your working areas.

Keep Objects Secure

Stop objects from falling by using toe boards, toe rails and nets. Stack boxes straight up and down, and keep heavy objects on lower shelves. Keep stacked objects out of the way of work areas and aisles so that if anything does fall there is less risk of someone getting hurt.

All of these things will help prevent slips, trips and falls at work and keep the environment safer.