With winter well on its way, it’s too tempting to hibernate as the days darken and temperatures drop. And although summer comes that oh-so-good vitamin D, life does not simply transform into a stress-free zone even then. We could all do with some tips and tricks on how to best unwind from the daily stresses of life. 

Of course, alcohol and smoking may seem like viable options but the health implications aren’t too great. If you do fancy a tipple, be sure to drink in moderation and, rather than smoking, try a fabulous VSAVI Vape Kit. Or rather, try one of the many popular ways to unwind via modern technology.

Terraillon Homni Smart Lamp

Smart lamps are rising in popularity and it’s easy to see why. This is certainly no ordinary lamp and the Terraillon Homni in particular has been designed alongside the European Sleep Centre, as reported by The Evening Standard. The device analyses the environment of your home with motion sensors and monitors your sleep. 

You’re also able to connect your smartphone so you can review the data or play music through the lamp, which also doubles a speaker. Plus, you can set-up both wake-up and sleep programmes that work via the sunset and sunrises, which helps to create a natural and gentle coming-to every morning. You can also try out the different relaxation programmes which are designed to help you de-stress.

Massage Roller Ball

While the purpose of the original ball was to relieve tight and sore muscles, modern massage roller balls also promote relaxation. You can control the Milklion Massage Roller ball with one hand, and it is designed to be used wherever you can feel a buildup of stress. No electricity or batteries are needed, the amount of pressure is simply controlled by how much effort you exert. So, if you want a deeper massage - press harder. There is also a hole in on the ball to fill it with oil or cream to sooth your skin.


A good series binge can also help you unwind. Though, be careful in your choice of viewing. Shutter Island, Breaking Bad or Prison Break may be excellent watches but they’re dark and heavy-going, meaning they require a lot of attention, and even more so when you’re trying to unwind. Choose a type of show that will cleanse you, something that requires little thought. 

Comedians Getting Coffee or the Great British Baking Show are fantastic choices. Bob Ross - Beauty is Everywhere is also a preferential choice as you’re able to follow his lead and paint in sync with the late, great artist. Research suggests that painting allows a person to gain clarity on their waking situation, which later helps them to deal with any problems daily life throws their way into greater perspective.


There are many fantastic apps available that have been designed to help you relax. Calm is a meditation training and relaxation app that also comes with relaxing natural scenes, complete with suitably serene sounds and music . Many people love the sound of the rain tapping against the window as they’re drifting off to sleep and this app can deliver just that, without the heavy downpour nearby!