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Loafers are the casual footwear par excellence; comfortable, beautiful, practical, etc. They are perfect for everyday occasions and are very easy to combine with everything. 

They can be used for more special occasions if they are combined with more formal clothes. The most common tones are basic tones such as brown, black, beige, camel and navy blue.

In addition, this type of shoe allows the ankle of the gentlemen to be exposed, the line of the heel of the loafers is low, which allows them to put it on and take it off quickly and easily. 

If you are a shoe lover, keep reading and learn more curiosities about these types of shoes.

Loafers are believed to have their origins in Scandinavia. It is believed that everything begins when the fishermen while working used two pieces of leather tied with a rope at the level of the foot bridge. 

They were comfortable and robust shoes; this shoe has evolved over the years to become what we know today as "slip-on".

For most people, loafers and moccasins are the same. In any translator you try to translate the exact word loafers intermingles with the definition of moccasin.

From Carrington Shoes we give you a piece of information so you can easily differentiate them to see if they have laces or not. Loafers do not have laces, while loafers do. 

The laces you will find in the moccasins are decorative, they have no function in themselves.

Another easy difference to see between these two types of shoes is that loafers should always be made of leather, while loafers can be made of different materials or generally, moccasins are made of a piece of material, while loafers can Be manufactured for more. 

These differences that we advise you are very easy to see.

Finally, loafers usually have a flat sole, while loafers have more prominent. Another easy difference in everyone's eyes is that loafers can have heels, moccasins can't.

The loafers, everything you need to know

 Do you want to know part of the history of this shoe? Know part of its characteristics recommendations of how to wear this type of shoes. 

It has no braids and can be made with ties, tassels ... etc

They have a long duration; it is a shoe that stays well over time.

They are practical and resistant to use.

Loafers History
King George IV of England in 1926 ordered the creation of these shoes, initially they were called 582.
Then, in 1930 the moccasin was redesigned, the Aurland Moccasin was born. The shoe manufacturer Nils Gregoriussen Tveranger combines the classic Native American moccasin, with the prom shoes uk that as we told you previously in this blog used by local fishermen in the Aurland village of Norway. 

They had high seam on the top and a thinner cut on the sides.

In 1933 he is given the name "loafer" in English. Spaulding Leather Co. In 1936 penny loafers are manufactured in the United States.

Shoes called Weejun are launched, which gain a lot of popularity among students in the US, they put the pennies in the slot in the front of the shoe to pay for phone calls. 

That's where the name "penny loafers" comes from.

Yes, as you read these penny loafers men's shoes have a strip at the top, with a small cut large enough to fit a penny coin.

They are a relatively new type of shoes in the market. At first it was introduced in fashion as a casual shoe but every time it is a shoe that reflects elegance, perfect for formal occasions. 

Slippers are comfortable shoes usually made of velvet. It is a shoe inspired by British footwear, although initially it was intended to be a shoe to be at home because of that its name of origin.

This type of footwear has its origin in the nineteenth century, when the English aristocracy used this type of footwear to relax.

We could say that this type of shoes is halfway between the moccasins and the dancers.

The best way to wear them is undoubtedly with an outfit in which the ankles are exposed. 

The most classic models are black, especially suede and velvet, while currently we can find them in different fabrics, prints, colors and glitters.