Whether you’re looking to sell, or simply wanting to increase your property value, you can add instant value to your home with a screen room. A screen room sits on top of your existing patio or deck, with additional flooring available to raise it above the stones or wood planking. As the name suggests, the walls are largely made from fly screens which allow a natural flow of air into the room while blocking a certain amount of sunlight and all of the summer bugs. 

Housing experts say that you can typically expect up to a 75% return on your investment in a screen room, meaning that you’ll likely recoup 75% of the cost in addition to the current value of your home. This makes it one of the best home improvements you can make if you’re looking to upgrade your home before you put it on the market. Here are three reasons why installing a screen home adds instant value to your home:

· Extension of your living space – for most screen room owners, the screen room attaches onto the living room, and with the right connecting doors, the two rooms can feel like one enormous space. The connecting doors also give you the opportunity to create two separate spaces; ideal if you have small children or want to create different zones for a party. In both of these scenarios, the immediate impression on a potential buyer is that of space and they will begin to picture themselves using your screen room/living room combo as they walk through. 

· More square footage – at a very basic level, a screen room allows you to increase the advertised square footage of your home without doing any expensive construction. The fact that they can be built directly onto your deck or patio turns this dead space into property gold, and you’ll be amazed at how many visitors you bring in with an additional room and around 200 square feet of space.  

· Brighter and lighter – finally, screen rooms tend to have much larger and longer windows than your living room, and current screen room technology means that the screens are almost invisible unless you’re right up close to them. The overall effect is to make your whole home seem brighter and lighter, all without having to invest in a new lighting scheme or add additional windows to your current home. 

The main consideration that you’ll need to make if you’re planning on adding value to your home with a screen room is the type of material you’ll use in the construction of the project. The better quality the materials, the more you’ll end up spending, and the less return you’ll see on your investment. The question here is how far away you are from putting your home up for sale: if you’re planning a few years out, it makes sense to buy high quality materials as you’ll get good use of them too. If you’re looking for a quick upgrade, choose the most economically viable options to increase the likelihood of a big return on your screen room investment.