Many people across the world are guilty of neglecting their physical and mental health each day, which could lead to the development of various medical conditions that can affect their quality of life.

The healthcare industry ultimately relies on passionate, motivated individuals who care deeply about helping others improve their lives. If you would like to do exactly that, here are the four best careers to help people to lead healthier lifestyles.

1. A Bariatric Nurse
The World Health Organization has reported that 650 million people across the world are obese. While diet and exercise can help people to shed the pounds quickly, many people often struggle to change their habits, which could impact their general health and shorten their lifespan.

Thankfully, bariatric surgery is helping to combat the growing obesity epidemic, as the operation can make changes to a person’s digestive system by making a patient’s stomach smaller. 

A career as a bariatric nurse will require you to provide patient care for bariatric surgery patients, as you’ll need to offer guidance during the creation of pre- and post-operative plans, while educating patients on both diet and nutrition. Your help could ultimately allow people to enjoy a new lease of life and better physical health.

2. A Clinical Mental Health Counselor
Approximately 450 million people worldwide are reportedly living with a mental health disorder, such as depression, schizophrenia, or PTSD. A mental health professional can, however, help people to alleviate the symptoms of a condition and take control of their life.

If you would like to help people overcome a crippling mental health disorder, you should consider training as a clinical mental health counselor. You could provide much-needed support to veterans, youths, and people living with substance abuse addictions. Learn more about clinical counseling jobs.

3. A Nutritionist
A lack of knowledge can cause people to make poor dietary decisions, which could lead to them piling on the pounds and struggling with various health issues, such as obesity, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. 

If you are dedicated to improving society’s health, you could enjoy a rewarding career as a nutritionist. You’ll create healthy, delicious food programs to encourage people to make smarter choices and improve their eating habits. Nutritionists can also work in a variety of settings, such as:

Private practices

If you would like to enter a career as a nutritionist, you will likely need to secure a bachelor’s degree in food and nutrition, dietetics, food service systems management, or a similar field.

4. A Personal Trainer
If you are happy to spend your free time working out and improving your health and fitness levels, you could turn your passion into a profession by becoming a personal trainer. 

Your commitment to exercise and enthusiasm for health and fitness could help others to achieve their personal goals, as you could create personalized training programs to increase their activity levels and prevent the development of various medical conditions. You also can work full-time at a fitness center, country club, or a corporation, or you could work with clients on a freelance basis. 

To kickstart a career, you’ll need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in a fitness-related field and receive certification from either the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), ACE, or the International Sports Sciences Association.