So, you have decided to reduce your weight and workout regularly. For a week you are very punctual and love to workout but slowly you will start getting a bit demotivated and bored and try to skip workout a few days and then for weeks you will forget to hit the gym. This happens to almost everyone who is not a workout fanatic hence we have listed a few tips below that will help you focus and keep you motivated to get fit.

1. Personalize Your Exercise Schedule:

You wish to lose weight so does your friend and his exercise schedule helped him achieve it so you copy the same schedule, but the results are not the same, disappointed? Well, this is bound to happen as every person's exercise needs are different hence the same schedule cannot be followed by two people as your fitness level may be different. Hence, personalize your exercise schedule as per your weight loss needs.

2. Keep Reminding Yourself of Exercise Benefits:

You may be determined in the beginning and lose focus after a few months hence keep yourself motivated by reminding yourself how exercise benefits your health. According to Dr. Roya Fathollahi who is a board-certified Internist and Primary Care Physician, people who work out more are less prone to lifestyle disorders such as diabetes and hypertension. Hence, wear new clothes smaller than before to help you see how exercise is shaping your body so that you do not stop.

3. Make Explicit Goals:

Just vaguely assuming that you will lose weight exercising will never work. You need to make specific weekly and monthly goals of how much you plan on loosing so that you know exactly how effective your overall schedule is if you need to make changes.

4. Schedule your Daily Workout:

Just do not vaguely make a workout schedule, be specific about your workout time so that you do not keep on postponing it till the end of the day and realize finally that you are too tired to work out.

5. Be Realistic:

Do not make a goal of losing 30 pounds in a month as it is both unrealistic and unhealthy. Set a realistic goal that is good for your health and do efforts to achieve that.

6. Be Prepared for Obstacles:

Make yourself prepared to face various obstacles such as you getting sick, or work overload. There will be a few days where you will be unable to work out hence do not skip on the days where you can really go.

7. Maintain a Journal:

Keep a journal where you write your goals and maintain your weight loss schedule so that you know where you started and how many days you really workout in a week on an average.

8. Consult a Trainer:

You may not be a gym expert hence do not make your own workout schedule, instead, get a trainer to make a schedule based on your fitness level and you may follow it thereby. Get this schedule changed often so that you do not get bored following the same workout routine.

9. Get a Workout Partner:

Sometimes, doing workout alone is really boring and you may just lose interest in a few days. Having a dedicated workout partner will make sure to push you to workout everyday hence there are better chances that you will follow the schedule.

Exercising is important not just to lose weight but to maintain good health, hence do not consider workout as an add on but make it a part of your lifestyle.