Adding moveable buildings to your property is an excellent way to have additional storage solutions. The longer you live or do business within a particular site, the more items you will accumulate. Having quality storage options is key to remaining organized and having what you need onsite. Moveable buildings are a great alternative for storage as they can easily be transported from one location to another. But how do you store your items to ensure they will be protected during the move? Below are a few unique and simple solutions for storage needs via moveable buildings. 

Wall Shelving

One of the best ways to store your items in moveable buildings is with wall shelving. Instead of simply placing shelves on the walls, creating a grid will help to provide stability for your items. Create a shelving grid with 2x4 posts and this will ensure a barrier is in place for containers. Once the shelving is in place, you can slide in your containers and they will stay in place without moving. 

With the 2x4 posts in the front of the shelving, the containers will not move if you decide to transport the building to another location. You still have quality shelving, it is just not open, so you are not at risk of your items falling on to the floor during the move. 

When ordering a moveable building for your property, check to see if the company can offer customization options such as shelving. Companies like Fox Transportables provide customizable solutions for storage buildings to cater to your individual needs. 

Removeable Bins

If you want open shelving in your moveable building or no shelving at all, choose to use removable bins in your storage space. Whether you are storing products for a business or items for you home, like decorations or seasonal clothing, removable bins are a great storage solution. The bins can easily be sealed and removed from the building during transport. 

Bins help you to have an organized space and ensure your items are safe during a move. Easily place the bins on the floor for transport or remove them, move the building, and put them back in place once your storage facility reaches it new destination. 

Built in Cubbies

Another option is to create built in cubbies. With small cubes added to the walls of your storage space you can add sliders and have drawers that house your stored items. This works well in a space that is being used for crafts or hardware. The specialized drawers can be large or small in size, depending on your usage need. 

With drawers that only open when pulled, it creates an innovative storage solution that will maintain its integrity, even if the building is moved from one location to the next. 

These are just a few ideas for storage solutions that work for a moveable building. Think outside the box for your own storage solutions or seek out opinions from professional transportable building companies to discover solutions that will work for your building needs.