Stock trading is a brilliant way to make extra money. There are so many different investment strategies you can exercise and different types of stock you can invest in. One of these options is trading in “Penny Stocks”. Many traders like Timothy Sykes have gone on to trade exclusively in Penny Stocks and amassed a fortune doing so and now teach their secrets of success to young minds wanting to follow suit. 
Today, we’ll be discussing Penny Stocks in detail and will touch on different aspects including what they are, what strategies you can use while investing, and how you can get the most value for your efforts. 
Simply put, Penny Stocks are listed public company shares that are priced below $5. Blue-chip stocks are very expensive and if those were the only options available on a stock exchange, much fewer people would invest their money in stocks. Most of these companies will not have very large operations and will be relatively young compared to some of the higher-priced companies. These factors also make analysis on the stock highly speculative and could end up being a very lucrative investment.
Another advantage of Penny Stocks is that its low price means you’re able to buy larger blocks of shares with your money. One Apple share costs almost $200, whereas you could buy 40 shares with that amount of money of a $5 penny stock. There’s also the factor that since October 2018, Apple’s share price has only gone up to $1 (with a lot of dips in the middle). A Penny Stock, with its high chances of growth, can go up a few dollars over a year, with some even tripling over the course of a year. Even if you were to take a modest appreciation of 25%, you would make a profit of $10 on your $40 investment.
This chance of appreciation by a significant percentage makes Penny Stocks an enticing investment option. For example, if you have $10000 to invest in stocks and you choose a Penny Stock like the one described in the previous paragraph, you could end up making $2500 over the course of a year. That is an amazing profit to make over the span of a year and would be a great place to invest a modest amount of savings into. 
There is no doubt that the potential for profit exists with Penny Stocks, but as is with almost any other share, a risk does remain. The key to making a profit off these stocks is to stay vigilant. You need to follow the performance of the share on a regular basis and follow market trends. You also need to keep an eye on the company and see how their operations are doing and assess how their performance is going to affect the share price.
One issue with exclusively trading in Penny Stocks is that from time to time you will be enticed into navigating unregulated markets as the potential for profit is even higher in these markets. In most cases, these markets and companies are scams or bubble markets and companies which operate for a short period and then go bust all of a sudden. You need to keep an eye on stocks in regulated markets as well to make sure that the company is legit and that it truly does have a potential for growth. 
Analysis plays a vital role in making a profit off of Penny Stocks. You will need to take a purely technical approach to analyze the company, focusing on the fundamentals, which include the revenues, profits, earnings-per-share, etc. You’ll be spending a good amount of time going over charts and reading company reports, both current and past years to deduce trends and predict future growth.  
The reason for this need for analysis stems from the fact that these companies are young and their operations are still growing. Due to this, a risk does exist that the company may not be successful because of a number of reasons. Established companies like Google are too big to really fail in their operations because of the massive profits they already make. The risk is low, and so is the chance for a big payday. 
As such, you need to keep an eye on your investment, and in the case of Penny Stocks, it may be somewhat more hands-on and time-consuming than the other entries in your investment portfolio.
The simplest strategy to exercise is to purchase a large block of Penny Stocks that have good predictions at cheap prices and hold on to them for an extended period of time. Over the course of a few years, barring any mishaps or poor company performance, you can sell your holding for a profit. If you buy a large enough block of shares, you can sell in smaller blocks and stretch out your profits and holding.
You can also choose to short sell, but you would have to make MASSIVE investments would be exposing yourself to significant financial risk in the process. One thing goes wrong and the share price drops, you could end up losing thousands. On the flip side, the share price could go up and you would still be making a profit off of it, no matter how small. 
Unfortunately, there isn’t much more you can do in terms of strategy. You can’t consider anything large scale like a passive investment as you would with Index Funds considering no separate index exists for Penny Stocks and the risk is too high for something as intricate as a fund. However, regardless of the strategy you opt for, vigilance and analysis still remain just as important to the entire process.
One more important ingredient of profiting from Penny stocks is to be equipped with the right knowledge. The entire experience can be much more rewarding in the long term, provided you have the right knowledge and know the strategies and habits to adopt. There are so many online courses that can give insight and teach you different strategies and tips. The advent of the internet allows you to access this knowledge regardless of where you live.
Timothy Sykes Millionaire Challenge is one course that educates you and puts you through practical experiences. It also helps improve your understanding of the Penny Stock market and enables you to make smarter profits with your investments. Timothy Sykes is the mastermind behind this highly sought after course that teaches everything one needs to know about trading and investing.