Are you patting yourself on the back and giving thanks for being the most important person in your life?

‘Self-care’ became the holistic buzz word a few years back, and whatever you think about wellness trends, it’s difficult to deny that we all benefit from some time designated to ourselves.

‘Wellness’ has come to mean a lot of things: good physical health, psychological wellbeing, you choose the goodness to which it’s applied. Yet, in recent years ‘beauty’ has most definitely been adopted by the self-care health-care movement.

For those of us who are already practising self-care, we know that although self-care often centres on beauty products and treatments, it’s not about pursuing beauty in any traditional sense.

It doesn’t concern drastically altering appearances or chasing after the newest faddish diet to achieve ‘perfection.’ No, self-care is about caring for our bodies and minds, as we would do with people we genuinely care about.

With our children, our partners, or our pets, we want to give them our utmost attention and care. We tend to their psychological and physical needs without another thought. The question is:  do we treat ourselves with the same high regard?

Now we are well into 2019, it’s time to set aside a good proportion of quality time to look after number one. In this frantic, bustling world where we constantly face stresses and pressures, failing to find some time for ourselves threatens to leave us feeling burnt out, exhausted and drained.

We can each chose what we want self-care to be. The key is to embrace that it’s all about doing what makes number one feels really good. If you’re a newbie in the self-love movement or struggle to choose new ways to show that you care about yourself, we recommend our beginners’ level facial course, which is open to everyone regardless of any qualifications they may or may not hold.

If you haven’t had the joy of a facial you won’t know the benefits that come from a family of skin care treatments for the face. These include exfoliation, extraction, steam treatments, creams, lotions, peels, facial masks, and massage.

There are many reasons to have a facial. People often cite:

·         De-stressing
·         Addressing a variety of specific skin conditions
·         Improving the appearance of their skin
·         Aiding hydration

When we train people to apply facials at Emma Coates Aesthetic Training every treatment begins with a thorough and complete consultation along with a basic diagnosis.

Armed with the information gleaned in this way it’s possible to prescribe the appropriate skincare products to use in a salon session and to recommend products that can be taken home to enhance the treatment’s effects.

When we give facial training we teach massage techniques like “petrissage” and “effleurage” for the best customer experience.

This includes all facets from cleansing and applying masks to finishing with the right post-procedure products.

We will not only teach you about tackling acne and ageing but also about how to treat skin dryness and re-hydration.