The awesome, spooky Halloween comes with a lot of perks.  First of all, consider the fact that Halloween comes in the coziest month of the year. October’s perfect weather makes Halloween the most enjoyable holiday, both indoors and outdoors. And more importantly, you get to meet up with all your friends and scare away boring adults!

Apart from this, there are a number of reasons why Halloween is the best holiday. Making Halloween appliques by carving pumpkin is my favourite activity. Here are more factors that make Halloween the best holiday to have.

1. Halloween costumes

Halloween costumes are the best thing for kids and adults too! You get to pretend to be whoever you want without people judging you. You can wear Halloween patches and Halloween badges to make the best of your spooky Halloween experience.

2. As much candy as you want

Candy! Remember the days when your parents won’t let you have candy? Not this time. Yes, Halloween is that one day of the year when no one can tell you to stop eating candy. You can even collect limited edition candy for free. You can have as much candy as you want without having to spend a single penny. Why do you think kids love Halloween so much?

3. Decorating your home

You can decorate your home however you want as long as it looks creepy. People usually buy custom Halloween embroidered patches and custom Halloween embroidered badges for this occasion to decorate their homes. From putting a carved pumpkin on the doorstep to decorating the whole house with the vampire theme, people spend hundreds of dollars and many hours of their time to get ready for Halloween. Who needs to go to a haunted house on Halloween when you can make your house haunted the way you want to?! Add some sound effects to make it all look extra real.

4. Tagging your pets along

Picture yourself dressed as a vampire and your puppy as a bat, adorable right? Well yes. Now imagine going from door to door with your cute dog, both of getting to store hundreds of candies. This makes Halloween the best holiday for dressing your pet up and spending some quality time with it.

5. Pranks

This is actually the best and the most amazing part of this holiday. You get to prank people without worrying about people getting angry or someone scolding you that pranks are not for people of your age. Well, this is your day. Prank whoever you want, even if it’s your kids. But remember, don’t do anything you’ll regret, you don’t want to spend the whole night explaining to your kids that what they ate was candy and not actual eyeballs!

6. Pumpkin

Who can forget about pumpkins on Halloween? Pumpkin candy, pumpkin soup, pumpkin carving, pumpkin chocolates, and pumpkin juices. Pumpkin everything! We all just love some extra pumpkin in our life and Halloween gives us that.