Have you ever wondered why your neighbors still have no job, but the unemployment rates say that the situation is improving? Read this article and find the answers.

Unemployment Rates Are for Politicians

Whenever you’ll hear that the unemployment rates are going, you can rest assured that some politician’s sojourn in the office is either coming to end or some other politician is trying to earn promotion up the ladder of his or her political career. As a matter of fact, talking about the unemployment rates is everything that politicians do instead of securing new jobs for their citizens. As soon as the presidential elections are on the agenda, the reigning president will tell you how much the unemployment rates dropped while his or her tenure in the office, while the new candidate will dwell on how the current president has “killed’ the economy.

Unemployment Rates Will Not Find You a Job

When someone talks that he or she cannot find a job because of the low unemployment rates, there is one conclusion to be made: this person is a victim of informational manipulation. As a matter of fact, lots of people are being deceived by the stats provided by the “recently low” unemployment rates into believing that the massive cutdown in, for example, the educational sector shall benefit the economy. The truth is that unemployed professors cost this country millions of dollars a year as eventually millions of students are not getting a proper education.

They Do Not Show the Psychological Image

While the majority of unemployment rates can state that the country is gradually coming out of the ‘dark pit of unemployment’, they will never succeed in telling you whether the people that “have been blessed by the light of employment” are, in fact, content with what they have in their lives. People are coming to their jobs discouraged to do their work. Nonetheless, the western community pays no attention to the mental well-being of individuals as everything that is expected from them maximizing the profit of corporations.

No Difference Between the Part-Time and Full-Time Workers

Well, actually yes. While the newspapers and governmental organizations keep on telling you that the unemployment rates are falling and that people’s lives are getting better, make sure that you understand that when the unemployment rates are compiled, there is no difference made between the part-time and full-time workers. Everything the statistics care for is the bilateral system of indexes, which has only two boxes to tick: employed or not employed. 

They Do Not Care for Long-Term and Progressive Employment

The situation is almost the same regarding the longevity of one’s employment. Those who craft, or should it be rather said forge, the ratings do not care whether you have been working for straight twenty years or whether this is the first job that you have managed to find in the last couple of years, having almost died out of starvation. As has been already mentioned, the unemployment rates are only focused on the fact whether the citizens have a job exactly in the moment of the rates compilation.

Underemployment for Everybody

One more thing that the unemployment rates lie about is the very status of being employed. There are people who work two or even one hour a day, and what is more, a week. The statistics show that the overall percentage of such people in the country is way higher that one could expect. Now, it should be acknowledged that a person who works one or even ten hours a week would not make it through a month on the wages that he or she receives. Therefore, the unemployment rate is nothing else but a hoax that the government uses to boast off about their “attainments”.

They Speak within the Context Needed

Yes, you heard it right. Unemployment rates should be perceived in the context in which they are supplied to the people. For example, supplying two thousand new jobs somewhere in New York, per se, will not change the financial well-being of people in, for example, Nebraska. Meanwhile, the unemployment rates, especially, when they “go down” are represented in the all-nation scale, making people think that it is not a bunch of businessmen who will have two more thousand people work for them, but that this is the entire nation that will eventually benefit from the lowered unemployment rates.

Employment Does not Guarantee Proper Conditions

You, probably, know a person who makes a lot of money at work, but has to sacrifice his or her health for it. When the statistics says that unemployment rates have gone down, it does noе mean that people have been provided with humanly working conditions. Millions of people from all around the world are forced by poverty and malnutrition to work in settings where employers pay no attention even to the basic occupational safety precautionary measures. 

Employment is not Well-Being

As it has been already mentioned, being employed does not necessarily mean that you will thrive and prosper. The status of being employed is nothing else but a mere superstition used by the government to say in other words that they have done everything possible for you. Remember, even if you work one hour a day, you are still considered as an employed citizen. De facto, your reality has not changed a lot, while de jure, the government will brag about securing the bright and cloudless future for you.

They Are not True

Whenever you hear that unemployment rates have shrunk, make sure to check whether the entire level of well-being in your community has gone up. Remember, the unemployment rate is nothing else but a very abstract statistical index that is used for informational manipulation. Even if you get a work that is underpaid and you still have no funds to pay for the bills, the society will stop thinking about your needs because you, Sir or Madam, are employed. Help yourself and take care as you have been granted with the biggest present of them all – employment.