A visa appointment is essential to make sure the best service possible. The online appointment system offers a faster and better service to travellers and has thus resulted in optimistic feedback from several customers since its beginning.

Before you start the application process for Schengen Visa Appointment online, go through the below-mentioned points:

Please note that the Intergate Visalink System is meant only for the processing of applications for a temporary visa which permits reside in the Schengen states of up to ninety days. Visa applications for permanent stays in Germany cannot be completed using the Intergate Visalink system. 
Applications can be made within ninety days of your planned departure date and it is recommended that you apply in sufficient time. Remember that you will need to ensure that your appointment date is no less than three weeks before your scheduled departure date.
The visa application processing time takes couple of weeks as per the Schengen Visa codex. The outside service provider and German Missions are dedicated to keeping the processing time to a minimum. Because of the biometric data collection and the technical infrastructure, a minimum of fifteen consecutive days is necessary to manage all visa applications. Remember that Intergate Visalink cannot be held accountable if your visa is not prepared in time.
The passport must stay at the Consulate/Embassy for the complete duration of the visa application process.

An individual will have to submit the application personally for biometric data to be collected. In case one has provided the biometric data already within the last 59 months you might choose a third party to get your application submitted. If you desire to do so, complete the authorisation form so the application will be accepted from the designated third party. Further, if your biometric data has been collected already within the last 59 months you may give in your application via courier to the chosen Visa Application Centre.

Consider the most excellent time to submit your Schengen visa application

As per the European Commission, you must submit your Schengen visa application at least fifteen days prior to the start date of your tour. You cannot submit your application any earlier than three months before you begin your tour. Preferably, you should submit your application thirty to sixty days beforehand in case the consulate demands additional information or needs more time to study your application.

Schedule your Schengen visa application appointment

To lodge your Schengen visa application, you should plan an appointment with your chosen embassy or consulate before time. You may need to do this online or via phone.

Plan your tour and keep copies of all documents associated with your travel plans

Now, you should start scheduling your tour. Keep duplicates of all your confirmations and bookings. You will require these documents to demonstrate evidence of your travel plans when you apply for your visa.  

You do not need to buy round-trip flight tickets before your visa appointment. There is always a chance your visa could be deprived of. However, you might need to show your original air ticket when your visa is collected. You will need to show a flight schedule or round-trip reservation with flight numbers.

You will also need a confirmation or reservation of accommodations. Book a hotel that offer free cancellations if your visa application is denied. You may also use an invitation letter if you are staying with a host.