Are you planning a trip to Dubai or inquisitive about the place? Then you should know about the Visa Guide for the city. The process of Visa in Dubai has changed over the years, and there is some misunderstanding about how to go about applying for the visa. All the requests for Dubai, UAE visa can be presented online via the most recent e-Visa or electronic visa application method. 

These requests are presented to any renowned and reliable visa negotiators. All the applicants who get visa applications approved can take the hard copy online of U.A.E tourist visa.

There are different types of Dubai Tourist Visa as per the validity and number of days one can spend in the UAE.

14 Days Tourist Visa: This is a temporary tourist visa to Dubai that permits a stay of only 14 days. This tourist visa of Dubai is a single-entry travel permit which cannot be extended at any cost.

14 Days Express Tourist Visa: The best thing about this visa is that you can apply and get the visa within a shorter time. Typically, it takes about five days for the visa to process but this express visa application procedure takes just three days’ time. Another thing is that the Dubai 14 days express tourist visa is costlier.

30 Days Tourist Visa: This Dubai tourist visa offers more reside period in Dubai. This is perfect for more travelling around this stunning city. The document requirements and the application procedure for this Dubai Visa is the same. This again is a single entry visa so one must plan their travel appropriately.

30 Days Express Tourist Visa Dubai: As the name suggest, the visa can be processed quickly than the normal ones. The charge for 30 days Express tourist visa is more than the usual visa application. This is an excellent option for an eleventh-hour travel plans and visa application.

96-hour Transit Visa: This is the quickest possible visa type one can obtain for UAE. This visa permits the visa holder to live for a maximum of 4 days or96 hours in the UAE. It is also to be noted that not every person is eligible for this visa. One has to be traveling from one nation or will be going to another nation through Dubai or any other Emirates of UAE, to get this type of visa. In addition, there are a few terms and conditions too. This option is not open to everybody. Citizens of a very few countries have this provision. Indians are entitled for this transit visa if they have a legal visa delivered from any of these below-mentioned countries:

Schengen countries
New Zealand

Dubai visa processing time

The time required to process Dubai tourist visa application is three to five days, based on the type of the visa. The normal visa processing is up to five days. The express visa processing takes only 3 days. You will get the approved visa via email.

These are some of the most popular tourist visas in Dubai.