Handover Cleaning is the process of cleaning the house before handing it back to the owner after the termination of the lease period. Basically when you move to a new house or vacate an old one, then you have to clean your house to get your deposit back. 

This article will teach you some easy to do handover cleaning rules by which you can clean your old house or new one, effectively and without breaking the bank because it is really expensive to hire someone for cleaning and if you are planning to do it by yourself then you must follow these handover cleaning rules to make the house as clean as possible.

The first thing that you have to remember that sweeping or cleaning the floors is not considered as cleaning the house and if you don't want your landlord to steal your deposit then read this article carefully. Here I have 8 simple rules that can make you handover cleaning very effective.

7 handover cleaning rules you must read

1- Ask the landlord about his expectation

This is the most important point and you should do this at the very beginning. Don't start the cleaning process before asking your landlord about his expectations. It doesn't matter how good you clean the house, If your landlord doesn't like it then he is not going to return your deposit and you will have to do it again. So always ask your landlord first, then start cleaning because it will save your time and energy.

2 - Plan carefully

If you don't want yourself to be in burden then you should plan the full cleaning of the house before one month of vacating. By doing this, you will be able to clean efficiently and without stressing yourself. Here are some tips on house you should plan.

One month before vacating, you should start cleaning the outside areas of the house like a garden and lawns.

7 days before vacating, you should focus on cleaning the garbage, removing the webs, spray anti pesticides in the lawns, Clean out the curtains and clean the fans and air conditioners.

Then, at last, clean the bathroom, bedroom areas, kitchen, and floors

3 - Talk about maintenance to landlord

This is one of the most important handovers cleaning rules. If you encounter any big damage while cleaning then you should contact your landlord. You should talk regarding explicit things you can't fix without anyone else, for example, a wrecked handrail. Your proprietor may request to see the harm and survey whether they can fix it effectively. Provided that this is true, you might be free. If not, expect a fixed bill. It will help you calculate your other expenses.

4 - Clean it as you mean it

Don't rush things, don't just clean your stuff. A lot of landlords define cleaning as diamond clean and if you are doing the cleaning by yourself then you must satisfy your landlord as much as you can. Clean all the walls, Tops of cabinets & the fridge, Windowsills, Crown molding, Cabinet shelves & inside drawers, all parts of the toilet (including the back), Fridge shelves & freezer and Oven.

5 - Don't leave any of your stuff behind

It is very easy to forget small but important things when you are in a hurry So always put all of your important documents in a fixed place. It will reduce the chance of losing important things.

6 - Fix repairs by yourself

If you don't want to lose a huge amount from your security deposit, then you must try to fix small maintenance repairs by yourself. It means ensuring the small stuff is dealt with simple fixes, such as filling gaps in the walls and expelling dents from the floor covering, can spare you a considerable amount of cash – cash that you can use in furnishing the new house.

7 - Taking care of yourself

 I understand that you want to save cash and do the cleaning all by yourself but one thing that you have to keep in your mind is taking care of your body. For example- if you are allergic to dust then you should not do the cleaning by yourself. Ask for a friend to help or hire someone at a reasonable cost because if the bacteria gets you then you have to spend more on your treatment. So don't compromise on your health.

Bottom line

So that's it for today. I hope you will get some help from this. Share this with your friend to help them in the handover cleaning and if you have any other rules then feel free to comment below. Have a good day.