Since childhood, we’ve enjoyed reading comics. It starts with buying them for ourselves on the railway station before boarding the train to grandma’s house to read them out loud to her grandchildren. However, there is no age cutoff to enjoy comic books, anybody can enjoy the abundant options of different comic book genres.

What’s the reason for comic book craze in people of all generations?

Comic books are a hit among people of all generations. Why? Let’s find out.

Comic books are the biggest source of entertainment. The strong graphics and engaging storyline never fail to impress anybody. In fact, the stories are so entertaining that people cannot resist buying the next sequel. No wonder, comic books are so many editions and parts. Each page is segmented into different panels with a sequential storyline. This is what makes them so entertaining and engaging.

Comic books are not only mere storybooks with impressive characters and graphics but also a great investment. The original comic book editions become worth hundreds of thousands of dollars as time passes by. The crazy fans are ready to pay a hefty price for a collection of comic books whose supply has ended in the market. 

It has been seen that comic books with famous characters, legendary acts, special cover art, pivotal events appreciate in value. So if you are wondering, ‘whether or not should I sell my comic books?’ The answer is yes. It will be highly profitable. Talking about famous characters and influential storylines, you must be wondering about your most famous comic books, right? Well, here is a list of famous writers who have majorly contributed to the success of comic books.

10 Most Influential Writers in Comics History

Brian Azzarello: Joker
The American comic book published by DC was written in 2008. The character Joker is a famous villain in the Batman series. Despite being evil, people found him influential and interesting, which led to the commencement of the Joker series.

Brian Michael Bendis: Spiderman
Who doesn’t know about the superhero saving people’s lives by climbing walls and using his web powers? Yes, we are talking about Marvel comic book - Spiderman. Bendis won many prestigious awards for his contribution.

Todd McFarlane: Hulk
Todd McFarlane is a Canadian writer and entrepreneur. He launched the first edition of his comic book, Hulk in the year 1986. After, he  released nine issues after the success of the character and the story.

Grant Morrison: Batman
DC’s most loved character, Batman, was written by Grant Morrison. He is a famous author of many comics and began his amazing journey of the Batman series in the year 2006 and continued for seven years.

Jack Kirby: Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen
Jack Kirby started working at DC in 1970. He gave a new outlook to the humorous series of Superman’s pal, Jimmy Olsen. He left the series at the 148th issue in 1972.

Kurt Busiek: Avengers
Kurt Busiek is one of the most famous American writers. He has not only worked on Marvel's limited series, but has also released his own series, which has gained fame “Astro City.”

Gerge Perez: DC
Gerge Perez is the legendary mind behind many famous comic books. His works include The Avengers, Wonder Woman, Superman and Teen Titans. He also worked for the first ten issues of DC's exclusive, The Brave and the Bold.

Neal Adams: Deadman
Neal Adams started working on bringing Deadman to the top of the list of comic books in 1967. His fresh and enthusiastic ideas made him one of the most recognized commercial artists in America.

John Bryne: Fantastic Four/ X-Men
With issues of Fantastic Four and X-Men, John Bryne gained fame for his writing. He is a British Canadian American artist and is known as one of the best comic creators for Marvel. 

Joe Kubert: Hawkman
Joe Kubert is known for his famous works for the DC Comics characters, especially Sgt. Rock and Hawkman. He is also an art teacher and the founder of The Kubert School, which teaches graphic and cartoon art.

Where can you purchase silver, golden and bronze age comics?

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Well, that’s all comic book lovers! We hope you’ll soon join the community of this crazy comic book world.