Whether you are replacing an old worn-out harness or merely want to buy a new one that works better for you, with these steps, we can help you select the right harness for your dog.

First Step – Think About Why You Need The Harness

You must think about why you want to buy a new harness. Usually, people obtain a harness to make sure that the dog is comfortable and that all the weight is not on his throat when he is pulled, supported, or lifted while being on the leash.

Second Step – What Activities Will Your Dog Be Engaging In?

You must consider the planned activities, for instance, swimming, since you're going to need help lifting him out of the water and you want a harness which is comfortable, quick-drying and able to hold the dog's weight. Or you may wish to a harness designed for pulling when you are out running or a harness that offers better control when you are dog-walking.

The Third Step – Researching The Different Types

It is not advisable to purchase the cheapest harness that won't be suitable for your dog. Fuzzy Rescue has a good rundown on what's out there. Consider the finer points relating to every type of harness:

Check the fabric types. For gentle dogs that don't pull on the leash, you can opt for a comfortable, soft harness. If your dog likes swimming, consider one that dries quickly.
Check the adjustability of the harness and the total of points it can be adjustable to. The more adjustments a harness have, the more custom-made it will be to fit your dog.
Look for the strength of a harness, ideally one that is suitable for the purpose it is going to be used for. If you are going to lift your dog in and out the car, it must have strong attachments points.
If you're merely looking to buy a basic dog walking harness, then a comfortable and reliable harness will suffice.

Fourth Step – Fitting The Dog Harness

When you buy a dog harness, make sure it is fitting your dog properly. Measure your pup when you are selecting the harness. Many dog owners buy end up buying a harness that is too big or too small. Ideally, you want one which is fitting snuggly, yet comfortably. Each harness has diagrams and measurements with a sizing chart. Contingent on the type of harness, it may be necessary to measure all areas of your dog. The girth, neck and chest areas all have very particular measurement areas. If your dog is still growing and is stuck between the sizes as outlined on the sizing chart, then your best option would be to go for the bigger size and adjust the harness with the adjustment straps.


It can be confusing to buy the perfect dog walking harness for the first time. But with the steps mentioned above, you have some guidelines at your disposal to buy one that fits perfectly and is suitable for the purpose that you are buying it for.