Fiber glass is intensely use din maintaining temperatures for various things, you can not just rely on the old methods. Now things have changed and fiber glass is one of them. 

You can use various things made up of fiber glass, sometime sit is in the form of fiber glass duct rodders, which are high efficient. 

This is widely used for commercial buildings but you can install this In your house as well. Modernizing your house. it wont be a visible innovation but your whole family would feel its effects. 

It can help you in maintaining the moisture of your house even in very dry seasons. You wont be panicking in various weather conditions. This can also help you in preventing Mold formation, fungus and other microbes sometimes grow in your house or office windows etc. this can be avoided by using fiber glass cylinders or ducts. 

Types of fiber glass 
Fiber glass is a type of plastic, which is reinforced for more efficiency and effectiveness. This si also known as glass reinforced plastic.  It is divided in different classes depending upon the raw material being used. It can be manufactured by using a variety of materials, this is why it has got a wide range of application. 

Alkali glass 
This variety is known as A glass. The raw material used is some sort of metal, it is further divided into various classes which in turn are dependent upon the metal being used for making the glass. 

Most of the times it is used in making the beakers, funnels etc. laboratory and processing instruments are used. 

Chemical glass
Chemical glass is used as a source and instrument for mixing various chemicals, a number of  industries have got very huge mixing tubs, which will help them in minimum resistance. These glasses are very less reactive to strong and concentrated chemicals. 

E glass 
This glass is not reactive to any electrolyte, the electricity would not be transferred. This will be used in various fuses., or electricity circuits where there can be a risk of electricity short circuits. 

AE glass
This is alkali resistance glass, which means that if you would be using various kinds of bases then they will not react with the glass anymore just as it will do in normal glass.

S glass 
These are structured glass which can be sued in various mechanical functions. They must be handle very carefully because they will be very delicate. 

Fibre glass tape
These are known  for their thermal insulation properties, in winters they can help a lot they are made up of threads of glass fibers. Which are very thin and delicate. 

Fiber rope 
This can be used as pipes to conduct various mixtures specially in industries where there is a bulk of acidic, alkali or destructive material is to be used.

Secondly, it can also be sued for packing purposes, you can pack various big machinery with this rope without any danger, it can bear highest level of stress and strain without even breaking. 

Fiber cloth 
This can be sued fro fire and heat shields, a fire fighter will eb very safe if he would be using this technology if ever you stuck in fire in your factory finds some fiber cloth and  be safe as much as you can. 

Power generation 
Fiber glass can be a power breaker, it is used in power generators to help keep the risks away, you can do a bit search if you want to. You can sue it domestically as well. When you feel that your power supply is not a trust worthy one. 

In making bottles
Who does not use bottles. We all do. It is sued in bottle and beverage industry for making the lining of the bottles, which helps prevent the liquid form leaking. 

Have you ever wondered why big glass bottles does not leak, now you know the reasons. 

Aquariums are filled with water then heavy fishes swim lavishly in them just as they do in sea and ocean, why the glass does not broke out?

This is because of the glass used which will never broke, this is because the wonderful property of fiber glass to bear stress to a  very high limit. 

Chemical industries 
These chemicals are only handled because of the amazing handling equipment which are made up of  
Fiber glass, we can not imagine how dangerous some chemicals can be and their handling costs a lot of many. You can only use this in a very high business, domestic businesses are at their own risks.

Its S type is sued for making automobile, they need this for picking fixing different points in your car ,different components in your car’s engine and the miniature parts all have got this fiber glass.

Properties of fiber glass 
It can bear a lot of stress, thus it ahs got a high mechanical power this makes it suitable manufacturing various heavy machines. Its sustainability is more than other materials which can ere used earlier in heavy industries. 

It can get attached to various organic material. This is suitable if you have got very reactive and harsh glues. This makes it affordable even though it is very expensive. 

It is reliable because it would not rot for decades. You can sue the same glass for many years it will stay their for the longer run. 
It is safe because it will never catch fire, this makes it very desirable for industries where there are many processes which are highly risky. 

Fiber glass is something we can not even believe we have. it is a synthetic material but still it has revolutionized our lives, at domestic levels we are not using this material but in our industries it is the best thing, you can manufacture nearly anything by using it. 

You only need to get some know how about it, it is a bit expensive but it can sav you forma  number of losses which might effect your growth.