You can now enjoy the best and the most breathtaking Christmas holiday in life while spending it in the Land of Pharaohs. Enjoy the true meaning of singularity and uniqueness while visiting the marvelous attractions in the different Egyptian cities and it is going to be a truly incredible experience as during Christmas time. 

Egypt is considered among many, the best country to spend your vacation due to its gorgeous weather all through the year and its great Pharaohnic sightseeing which attract tourists all over the universe to visit and explore.

Egypt Tours Portal is the first choice for those who would like to have a terrific vacation in Egypt, well-arranged and totally private to have the chance to discover the beauty of Egypt with the most professional tour guides. They choose the best Egyptologist tour guides to join their  guests all through their Egypt tour packages and they make sure that they get the adventure they have always dreamt of. Egypt Tours Portal chooses the most qualifies tour operators who can arrange the best tour itineraries based on the duration of each tour so that travelers never feel rushed or that they miss any major sightseeing.

Egypt Weather Make it More Fantastic

Do you know that Egypt is one of the rare countries that enjoy the best weather during the whole year which enables you to visit Egypt whenever you want. In summer, you will enjoy the terrific experience of visiting its coastal beaches in Hurghada, Sharm, and MarsaAlam plus having the chance of enjoying Egypt at night. In winter, weather gets so beautiful that allows you to experience a Nile Cruise adventure to check the fascinating attraction in Luxor & Aswan. The best time to visit Egypt is the duration from October till April. You can spend both your Easter and Christmas holidays in Egypt during that period and surely it is going to be such an amazing tour for you especially if you arranged your tour with "Egypt Tours Portal".

Explore Giza Pyramids During the Christmas

Giza Pyramids are must visited highlights in Egypt as they present the magical power which the ancients obtained and how they did what can't be illustrated. There are three main pyramids in Giza Complex which are Pyramids of Khufu, Khafre, and Menquare and there are many other smaller pyramid that you can visit in Giza including the incredible Saqqara Step Pyramid that has a unique shape rather than the other pyramids.You will cease the opportunity while spending your vacation in Egypt and you will get inside the Great Pyramid to check its magnificent tunnels and how it was made that perfect for the king. You will be able to ride a camel and have a special tour all around Giza and Cairo without getting hot at all.

Enjoy A Dinner Cruise on Nile View in Cairo Through Your Christmas Vacation

Dinner cruise is one of the best activities that you can do at night through which you will have a terrific dinner meal from an open buffet filled with different types of traditional Egyptian food and you will also attend some amazing dervish shows. If you got the chance to have your Christmas dinner on the board of a Nile Cruise, then you will be really a lucky one due to the fact that Christmas season is the best time to enjoy the best Nile Cruises experience.

Get the Chance to Visit the Impressive Coptic Attractions in Old Cairo

Egypt is full of the best religious attractions and Christmas is such a special opportunity to visit the remarkable Coptic sightseeing in Egypt including the Hanging Church, St. George Church, Abu Serga Church, and many other breathtaking sites that can't be missed during your Christmas holiday and Christmas Eve. 

Spend Your Christmas on the Board of a Nile Cruise

Whether you are in Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, or even Hurghada, you can enjoy the mesmerizing Nile Cruise tour that is going to take you in a tour beyond your imagination while being accommodated for 3/4 nights on the board of a 5* deluxe Nile cruise to check the temples, tombs, and chapels in Upper Egypt. The most interesting thing about Nile Cruise accommodation is that it is full board and you will get the opportunity to have your Gala dinner on the board of your Cruise. You will witness the best arranged Christmas Festival and attend the greatest Egyptian shows that are prepared especially for such an occasion. 

Explore Hurghada During Your New Year Vacation

Hurghada is known as the best coastal city in Egypt where you can have the best water sports just like snorkeling & Scuba diving. Weather during Christmas season gets warm and totally suitable to have a Desert Safari by Quads. Hurghada has the best selection of 5* Hotels that are all-inclusive so it is also going to be a special thing to spend your Christmas in such a beautiful city.

Discover the life beneath the blue water in Hurghada and discover the real impressive types of fish and Coral reefs there. You will also get the chance to play with dolphins and get some memorable photos to always remember such a special experience.

Start Planning Your Christmas Holiday Now

It is the best time to start your booking procedures to get availability in December as it is a peaked season in Egypt and we highly recommend starting your bookings. Make sure to choose the best travel agency to customize your tour especially during Christmas as having the best tour is not an easy matter during such a peaked season but with "Egypt Tours Portal", impossible things can be achieved as the satisfaction of our guests is all that really matters. So enjoy your Christmas in Egypt and live the true adventure that you really deserve.