To price the product is correct and suitable time, retailers should be aware of the Retail Pricing Strategy. You can't afford an error in this tricky matter as it can open doors to several issues such as unwanted “loss leaders” that gull profits or customers becoming angry for quoting the wrong price. Therefore, you have to avoid some basic mistakes as a retailer in the market.

Artificial savings:

One of the eminent mistakes of the retailer is applying false price tags on the existing price in the name of the sale. We can understand customer reaction when they strip off the new price tag. Suppose, a girl's top is at 50% off with price 15$ cut from 30$. Upon buying customer finds out that the original cost is merely 11$. 

The wrong pricing:

As the point of sale system, scans and ask for the accurate price, while the client will naturally demand posted price on the wrong item. However, the service expects you to comply, but your staff should be competent to modify the error on every item available for sale. Otherwise, you can face heavy losses upon every sold item. Retail pricing software can be the savior in such a situation. 

Markup mistakes:

Mobile phone calculators are making thing easy for us, finding markup on any product is a piece of cake now. However, looking for a reliable person for this job is a task. The errors of high or underprice occur when store management is unaware of the actual purchase price.

Below Judgment of Worth:

The price of a commodity should back the motive to decreases the possibilities of you getting a return on the product. You have worked hard to get the product from the factor to the store, expecting a reward is natural. Underpriced product means, that at the time of sale you are paying the client to buy your product.

The greater judgment of Worth

You often get a high-end deal; therefore, you price the products at the high end. Even though, it is beneficial in inventory turnover and gross margin setting up a price equivalent to the price of the competitor brands. However, you ought to have solid grounds for charging this price as the vendors know the ups and downs of the market better than you. 

Unable to Sustain Current:

If it is just laziness, then you will face massive trouble in the pricing factor. Make sure you monitor your overall cost of the product are revise the price on new orders. Else, you have to cut your profit margin offering a sale on your product. 

Nonetheless, the false price can dig a big pinhole for the retailers. The market has some state of the art retail pricing software; you can always seek help from them.